Best Silicone Bongs On The Market

Silicone bongs give you all the benefits of water filtration, but without the hassle and inconvenience of traditional glass bongs. These are the best silicone bongs currently on the market.

Do you love water filtration but hate breaking and having to replace your glass bongs? Well, there are a bunch of silicone bongs on the market that can solve your problem. The next time you break your glass, consider replacing it with a silicone bong. They are more affordable than expensive bongs and easier to clean. They’re more durable, too. That means you won’t have to be as paranoid or careful when cleaning your piece. Here are the best silicone bongs.

1. Silibong

Are you worried about the plastic and metal down stems that come with most silicone bongs? Fortunately, the Silibong comes with a glass down stem and bowl. Glass and silicone will be able to take the heat without releasing tons of harmful toxins. Clearly, a top pick when it comes to the best silicone bongs currently on the market.

The Price


The Good

The Silibong’s base is a suction cup that will hold firm on any flat surface. The mouthpiece is tilted back at a 75-degree angle, so you don’t have to hover over the bowl and light your bangs on fire. Stick it to a table or desk, and you can comfortably smoke bowls or take dabs at a desk.

It’s got a 14mm joint which is the most common size. You can also use just about any glass down stem from your other bongs. You can easily put a glass, metal, or ceramic nail on and do dabs without worrying about melting and inhaling parts of your bong.

Another way the Silibong stands out from the rest is the fact that it comes with a silicone peace sign ice catcher. Push it in from the mouthpiece, and it will also act as a splash guard, preventing water from getting to your mouth. Other silicone bongs collapse just like inhaling an empty water bottle would, splashing up water and preventing smoke from traveling to you. The peace sign attachment prevents this from happening.

Finally, the Silibong is made of FDA-approved, food-grade silicone that is dishwasher safe, scent-free, and free of cancer-causing BPA. Best of all it comes with a lifetime warranty. All of this adds up to one of the best silicone bongs you’ll find anywhere.

The Bad

The only real downside to the Silibong is portability. You’ll also have to be a bit more careful with this one because of the glass components. However, your lungs will thank you. Plus, replacing those parts is much more affordable than replacing an entire bong.

2. Eyce Molds Silicone Rig

Eyce Molds is a unique entry on our list of the best silicone bongs. That’s because this company actually makes silicone oil rigs for dab lovers. If you use concentrates you can easily scoop the built-up extracts inside of a silicone oil rig and recycle your weed.

The Price


The Good

At the bottom of the rig, there is a space that holds an included silicone container. So you’ll always have your favorite concentrates right where they’re needed. The design also allows you to place four dab tools standing up on the side of the rig. So you won’t get everything around you sticky AF. The Eyce rig comes apart for easy cleaning as well. You won’t have to try to reach down a tube to get your reclaim.

The Bad

This isn’t made for smoking flower. Other than that it’s affordable and does what it was made to do. It comes with a standard-sized titanium nail for dabs, but you can put your own nail or bowl on there.

3. Strong Silicone

Strong Silicone has a couple of durable silicone bongs available. Both designs are classic straight pipes. The larger model is called The Explorer, and the smaller one is called The Scout.

The Price


The Good

One of the unique features that Strong Silicone has is the built-in ice catcher. Another is the super thick silicone which makes it harder for the bong to fold while you inhale.

The Bad

It’s hard to take these around because of the size and the glass components. These will run you anywhere from $60.00 for the smallest silicone bong to $100.00 for the larger limited edition models. They also charge $3.00 for their lifetime warranty.

4. Roll-Uh-Bowl

When it comes to the best silicone bongs, the Roll-Uh-Bowl is a classic. This piece was designed for those looking to smoke a bong on the go. It’s made of silicone and uses a metal bowl with a plastic stem. You won’t have to worry about it breaking in your backpack.

The Price

$34.99- $59.99

The Good

The biggest pro this piece has going for it is portability. The design folds up with all its components small enough to fit into your pocket. On top of that, it’s pretty much indestructible. You’d have to really go out of your way to break the plastic or metal stems.

The Bad

One problem with the Roll-Uh-Bowl is that the center will close shut if you inhale hard. Additionally, the only way to do dabs is to turn the stem around, and it only fits 14mm female sized nails. However, it doesn’t fit as snug as it would around glass. So tilt the bong back when dabbing and be careful not to let the nail fall off onto your lap. Also keep the flame of the torch as far away from the bong and stem to avoid any melting.

Final Hit: Best Silicone Bongs On The Market

As this list makes clear, silicone bongs are an innovative new take on the classic water pipe. Unbreakable, portable, and effective, silicone bongs are one of the best ways to tap into the benefits of water filtration.

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