We Tried All The Hemp Wraps On The Market And This is What We Found

Tired of tobacco? Hemp wraps are a great alternative to rolling up with tobacco filled cigars or cigarillos.

Hemp wraps are still a fairly new concept. A few years ago organic hemp started to be used for rolling papers and the trend has found its way to blunt wraps. With hemp wraps, you can get the slow burn of a blunt wrap without the tobacco. We tried all the hemp wraps on the market to find the best hemp wrap.

6. Kong Wraps

Kong wraps claim to be the #1 recognized brand in hemp wraps.

The Price

$2.50 for 3 wraps.

The Good

Unlike cigarillos like white owls and swisher sweets, there is no flavored scent. With Kong Wraps less is more. There’s no need for flavoring OR tobacco. They keep everything cannabinoids with a CBD infusion. That should prevent any of the paranoia or anxiety from the THC. CBD can balance out other negatives from THC as well.

Smokes smoothly and tastes great. At 3 wraps for $2.50, these are less expensive than some of the other hemp wraps on our list.

The Bad

One of the hardest on our list to stick shut. Rolling was hard because sealing it was a struggle. Started to unroll when smoking.


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