HoneyVape Cartridge Review

In a saturated market of cannabis cartridges, we tried HoneyVape products in search of the best.


THC cartridges are here to stay. In fact, they are rapidly becoming one of the most popular cannabis products on the market. In general, they tend to be pure, potent, tasty, super convenient, and incredibly discreet.

As a result of this growing popularity, we’re in the middle of an explosion of cartridge companies and brands. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about HoneyVape.

HoneyVape: Company Overview

HoneyVape is a California-based cannabis company that started back in 2007. The company was the first vertically integrated cannabis and research collective in Los Angeles.

From there, the company really started drawing attention in 2013. That’s when HoneyVape became a pioneer in the vape cartridge world.

Since then, the company has been fine-tuning and honing its line of cannabis concentrates and extracts. Today, HoneyVape sells THC and CBD oils in vape cartridges, applicators, and caps.

Currently available only in the California market, the company is working to expand throughout Northern and Southern California. With the basics out of the way, let’s dive into the review.

Packaging and Labeling

At a glance, there isn’t necessarily anything eye-grabbing about HoneyVape’s outer packaging. The company sells their cartridges in a relatively nondescript, child-proof, plastic cylinder package with their branding on it.

There are tons of legal requirements when it comes to packaging and labeling. That’s especially true after California ramped up its labeling requirements earlier this year. As a result, the cylinder contains lab test results and manufacturing dates.

But even with that in mind, HoneyVape could probably do a bit more on this front. Companies like Brass Knuckles, for example, have figured out how to package their products in attractive and exciting ways that really display the product inside.

In general, HoneyVapes, outer packaging comes across as purely functional and less wasteful than some of the larger, flashier packaging used on other popular vape pen cartridges.

But all that changes when you open the outer package and pull out the cartridge. The cartridge itself is beautiful, made out of glass and stainless steel with a ceramic core.

Also very cool: HoneyVape fills every cartridge by hand. That level of care carries over to pretty much every other aspect of the product.

HoneyVape Cartridge at a Glance

Once you get past the relatively bland packaging, things immediately get a lot more exciting. Even at a quick glance, it’s clear that HoneyVape has devoted serious care and attention to what matters most: producing high-quality cannabis concentrates.

As soon as you pull the cartridge out of the package, the first thing you’ll notice is the color and consistency of the concentrate.

It’s rich and beautiful amber color is perfectly complemented by a super thick and sticky-looking consistency. So thick that when you turn the cartridge upside down it doesn’t even move. Even a quick glance makes you want to immediately screw the standard 510-thread into your battery and get to vaping.

Flavor and Scent

HoneyVape has paid special attention to terpenes. The company sees the maintenance and inclusion of terpenes as crucial to both the experience of vaping and to the overall potency and efficacy of the cannabis.

As a result, every puff is rich and flavorful. For example, the GG4 strain had clear notes of earthiness while the OG Kush had its own distinct profile of piney woodiness.

The flavor was at its purest and best when vaping at low temperatures. But even at medium temperature settings, the concentrate maintained its strong and distinct tastes and smells.


According to HoneyVape, each cartridge averages 70% THC. After testing out a couple different cartridges, they all seemed fairly consistent with one another in terms of potency and overall effect.

The 70% THC seems to be just right, leaving plenty of room for other important cannabinoids and for terpenes. The end result is a product that tastes and smells great, and that is plenty potent.

HoneyVape’s thick and undiluted concentrate is potent enough to give anybody a great experience. That could also translate into cost-efficiency since even a half-gram cart will go a long way given the potency of the product.


HoneyVape cartridges produced excellent effects without ever being too heavy-handed or unmanageable. The company breaks down specific strains into four main categories: Active (sativa), Lounge (indica), Play (hybrid), and CBD.

There are clear differences between each main category. Even better, there are noticeable differences between different strains—even if they’re in the same general category.

For example, the GG4 cartridge (part of HoneyVape’s Play category) produced effects that were more balanced between the head and the body, while their OG Kush (also in the Play category) was more immediately cerebral.

Given HoneyVape’s careful extraction process and their focus o maintaining a range of cannabinoids and terpenes, you’ll get exactly what you’re expecting. Energizing cerebral highs from the sativa strains, body relaxation from their indica strains, and a pronounced but well-balanced high from their hybrids.

HoneyVape Review: Overall Impressions

Taking the whole experience together, we definitely recommend HoneyVape THC cartridges. On the whole, these carts are crafted with care—and it shows.

While the experience might start out slow with lackluster outer packaging, all of that immediately falls to the wayside once you hold the cartridge in your hand.

The glass cart has a nice weight to it, filled as it is with that thick, gooey, undiluted concentrate. And it just gets better from there: tasty, smooth, and potent enough to give you an enjoyable, never heavy-handed high.

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