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Yew Yew Weed Pipes Add Some Class To Your Grass

Yew Yew Gives You a Stylish New Way to Smoke Weed


Yew Yew Weed Pipes Add Some Class To Your Grass

You’ve probably never heard of Yew Yew, but the company is now selling a line of super stylish weed pipes.

Artisan company Yew Yew is working to shake things up in the world of weed smoking accessories. The company’s pipes are getting rid of the outdated stoner aesthetic and replacing it with a new, ultra-stylish, elegant vibe.

Yew Yew Ceramic Weed Pipes

Yew Yew Gives You a Stylish New Way to Smoke Weed

Yew Yew

The company is the brainchild of Jenny Wichman. While working as a prop maker in New York City, she decided to bring her artistic experience and skill into the world of weed.

Her goal was to create a line of pipes that would be both functional and stylish. As the company’s website puts it: “Yew Yew believes all smoking objects should be beautiful, well designed, and fit effortlessly into your lifestyle.”

As a nod to Wichman’s background as a prop maker, “the line offers a distinct coupling of art, fashion, and wellness through ceramic accessories that are made by hand in the U.S.”

So far, the line of Yew Yew pipes includes two models. Both models go for a look that is very different than your standard weed pipe.

For starters, these pipes are hand-made out of ceramic instead of glass. Similarly, Yew Yew opted to move away from the traditional spoon shape.

Instead, the company’s pipes use simple geometric shapes and angles to create a super-sleek and clean style.

One model is a half circle shape. The other is a triangular wedge shape. Both models come in blush, white, and blue.

Stylish and Functional

Yew Yew Gives You a Stylish New Way to Smoke Weed

Yew Yew

Everything about the pipes is built around Wichman’s minimalist, sleek design. The simplistic style keeps things looking clean and fresh.

But the pipes are also functional. They’ve been designed to fit perfectly in your hand. On both the triangle and the half circle, the bowl is positioned on the top face of the piece.

The carb is located directly beneath the bowl. And the mouthpiece is on the end of the pipe opposite the bowl.

You use a Yew Yew pipe the same way you do when you smoke a bowl. Start by grinding your bud. Then pack it into the bowl on top of the pipe.

With your thumb over the carb, spark up while you start pulling in. When you’re ready to clear it, move your thumb off the carb and inhale all that smoke into your lungs.

Final Hit: Yew Yew Gives You a Stylish New Way to Smoke Weed

Yew Yew Gives You a Stylish New Way to Smoke Weed

Yew Yew

In many ways, Yew Yew is part of a larger movement to change the entire image and reputation of weed. Along with Yew Yew, many cannabis companies are trying to move away from outdated stereotypes in order to cater to a larger, more mainstream audience.

To do that, companies like Yew Yew are working to create an entirely new aesthetic. No more blacklight posters of mushrooms and wizards, no more hippie tie-dye styles, no more garish neon colors.

Instead, they’re moving toward a style that is more approachable. Something stylish enough to smoke out of and then leave out in the open on your coffee table or bookshelf.

Additionally, many weed companies are working hard to cater more to women. Very often, this means abandoning old marketing approaches that relied on sexualized images of women in bikinis smoking weed.

With this new line of pipes, Yew Yew is tapping into both of these trends. Their sleek and minimalist smoking accessories are tailored to a new, more mainstream audience of weed smokers—especially women.

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