Replace Everything In Your Bathroom With These Cannabis Products

Infuse your clean beauty routine with these cannabis products for everything from your teeth to your toes.


Nowadays, there’s an overwhelming number of cannabis products—that will and won’t get you high—on the market. And whether you’re convinced that cannabis is the answer or just want to infuse one aspect of personal care, we got you. Here’s a beginner’s guide to replacing everything you probably have in your bathroom, from toothpaste to bath bombs, with all-natural cannabis products.

CBD-Infused Face Cream

Evolver Social Movement/Facebook

Who said that CBD was only good for joint pain and bodily inflammation? Plant Alchemy offers a Saffron Face Cream infused with CBD oil designed for sensitive skin. CBD, or cannabidiol, isn’t a health fad. This weed compound has some real benefits, including its ability to reduce inflammation, age spots and dry skin. Plant Alchemy’s face cream also has high levels of Vitamin D and fatty acids, which are important for a healthy complexion.

Hemp Mascara and Brow Gel

Milk Makeup/Instagram

The aptly named Kush High Volume Mascara by Milk Makeup will give you fuller lashes, naturally. Unlike generic mascaras that are filled with chemicals and often pool under your eyes, this hemp-based mascara goes on without globs and has what they call “tug free removal.”

Since it’s hemp-based, this mascara will not get you high. If you want a completely cannabis-based ‘no makeup’ makeup look, check out their tinted and non-tinted Brow Gel from their cannabis product line.

THC-Infused Lip Balm


This is more than just Lip Balm. Mary Jane’s Cannabis-Infused Lip Bong can get rid of severely chapped lips, prevent cold sores, reduce Lupus sores according to reviews and lessen headaches by applying it to your forehead. It contains other healthful ingredients like jojoba and coconut oils and, of course, lots of THC-infused grapeseed oil.

Cannabis Deodorant


The cultural shift towards natural deodorant is one of the most important evolutions of clean beauty. Though research isn’t conclusive—large deodorant manufacturers don’t want it to be—many people believe that conventional deodorants can cause cancer and Alzheimer’s. According to the National Cancer Institute, scientists have linked deodorant ingredients like aluminum and parabens to breast cancer.

The advantages of swapping out toxic deodorant for an all-natural cannabis-infused kind couldn’t be more compelling. We suggest you check out Sacred Biology’s CBD Deodorant. It’s made using essential oils from vegetables and mineral clay. Not only does it contain soothing, anti-inflammatory CBD, but it doesn’t have artificial dyes, aluminum, parabens or any other commonly used toxic ingredients.

Cannabis Eau de Parfum


There are few things more relaxing than a subtle whiff of weed. Thanks to chic New York apothecary Malin and Goetz, you can walk around smelling slightly of cannabis, with notes of magnolia and sandalwood. “One whiff instantly puts me back on my bicycle, pedaling along the Amsterdam canals,” announces brand founder and cannabis enthusiast, Andrew Goetz.

Don’t be expecting any of weed’s health benefits, however. Though all-natural fragrance smells like marijuana, it’s THC and CBD free.

CBD-Infused Shampoo


Most drugstore shampoos leave a silicone coating on your hair that can leave your hair looking matted and greasy. Instead, try this clean cannabis-infused shampoo. It doesn’t have parabens or sulfates, chemicals that at their least damaging leave your hair dry and irritate your skin. Cibaderm Shampoo, made from hemp oil, will clean your hair naturally and soothe your scalp. It’s also one of High Times10 Best Topicals of 2017.

They also offer conditioner, hand cream and body wash if you want a completely CBD shower routine.

Body Balm for Period Cramps

Whoopi & Maya/Instagram

Need a quick fix for period cramps but want something more potent and natural than ibuprofen? Try Rub, Whoopi and Maya’s Medical Cannabis Body Balm, to soothe those awful menstrual cramps that are always right around the corner. Already enamored with Whoopi and Maya’s female-focused weed balm? Their THC tincture and bath soak are also perfect additions to a nighttime self-care routine.

But before slathering yourself with it, remember that this balm contains THC as well as CBD.

CBD-Infused Toothpaste

Canna Mint flavored Raw Whipped Toothpaste. (Burgess Powell)

Ugly by Nature’s Canna Mint Toothpaste replaces everything bad—sulphates, artificial colors and sweeteners, GMOs, parabens—that you usually find in toothpaste with organic vegan ingredients, including hemp-derived CBD. Plus, you can still taste the mintiness or cleanliness you want from toothpaste.

Don’t be shocked when you squeeze this toothpaste out for the first time. It also contains charcoal, which somewhat counterintuitively helps whiten teeth. This makes the it grey, hence the name “Ugly.”

Weed Coffee Scrub


For when you don’t want to compromise between exfoliation and reducing inflammation. Liddie’s Infused Coffee Scrub, another one of High Times’ favorite cannabis product, contains THC and other great skincare ingredients like honey, vanilla extract and coffee. It can noticeably brighten your complexion in little time. However, like other scrubs, don’t use it too often as it can be harsh on your skin.

Cannabis Scented Candles

Kush Candles/Instagram

No one likes a smelly bathroom. Lucky for you, there’s an ever-growing array of cannabis-scented candles that won’t get you high, and definitely compliment a smoke sesh. Kush Candles offers an impressive line of terpene infused candles that smell like specific weed strains. In the mood for Blue Dream, Maui Wowie, Pineapple Express? They’ve got you covered.

Plus, these candles, handmade in Colorado, are designed to promote the entourage effect. This means that you can get especially high when you light one of these candles. However, they’re THC free so you won’t get high just from the candle.

THC and/or CBD Bath Bomb


Weed bath bombs are a classic for a reason. They take de-stressing to the next level—all while nourishing your skin with antioxidants and reducing inflammation. Sunday Goods offers three distinct bath bombs, two of which have THC and CBD, and one of which is entirely hemp oil CBD. They also include other oils, like grapefruit, lavender and vanilla so they smell great.

Cannabis Products For Every Bathroom

Don’t make the mistake the weed is only for smoking or eating. With its anti-inflammation, anti-microbial and stress reduction properties of cannabis, it only makes sense that clean beauty brands start adding this plant to their ingredients. As we normalize cannabis and become more aware of clean beauty, there are so many more great products to come.

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