New Pax Vaporizer App Allows You to Control Your High

The PAX app update gives you more control over your PAX Era.

The creators of one of the most user-friendly vaporizers for weed on the market recently introduced an innovative new feature to their latest devices. PAX is best known for their three self-named dry herb vaporizers. The PAX era vape pen which uses pre-filled pods can also be controlled with a smartphone app. The company recently updated the PAX vaporizer app, giving new and previous customers access to a more fine tuned experience.

Pax Vaporizer App New Feature

The PAX Era already comes with the ability to connect with the PAX vaporizer app. Until the recent update, the only thing you could customize on them were the colors and temperature. The vaporizer company took things a step further by introducing a “Session Control” mode.

We updated the app as soon as we found out about the new feature. Then, we loaded a PAX Era with the potent and tasty Sunset Gelato pod from Happy Sticks to test it out.

How To Use Session Control Mode

Start by picking the most comfortable temperature for your specific pre-filled PAX Era pod. We found the sweet spot with the Sunset Gelato pod to be between 550 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

On top of controlling the exact temperature, you’ll now get to choose how long a pull lasts before the heat cuts off. There are four dose settings to choose from: micro, small, medium and large.

If you leave the app on while you pull, you can see a green meter for your session increasing to 100 percent. Once the meter is filled, the PAX logo on your device will light aqua to indicate the session has been completed. The app will show a green screen with the words “SESSION COMPLETE!”

Then, you’ll have to wait 30 seconds before your next session unless you press the unlock button on the app. This can help you from overindulging.

Benefits To Session Control Mode

The new features help prevent users from getting too high at the wrong times. When you have an instant and effortless THC delivery device in the palm of your hands, you may find yourself taking more pulls than you needed.

When you use the PAX Era without session control mode, you can take long pulls and let out huge clouds. But if you’ve got work to do and still want the benefits of cannabinoids, you can microdose with the session control mode. The micro setting will let you take small puffs at a time so you don’t get too high too fast.

Using session control mode will help you keep better track of how much you’re smoking too. You can use it to set daily limits. Set your Era to medium or large session mode in the morning and try to make that many hits last the day. On the large setting, we could take about two heroic pulls or four to six regular size hits.

If you’re getting too high or want to try microdosing, you’ll enjoy the new PAX vaporizer app functions. In the future, we’d appreciate an update that allows users to adjust exactly how many seconds each setting would last for.

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