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Rosin vs Live Rosin: What Are The Differences?

Rosin vs Live Rosin: What Are The Differences?


Rosin vs Live Rosin: What Are The Differences?

To understand what Live Rosin is you’ll have to know two other things: live resin and rosin. The two sound similar and have confused many cannabis users. Until the concept of live rosin came about, the two were completely unrelated. One name comes from the extraction method used and the other gets its name from the materials used. We’ll go over the differences in more detail.

What Is Rosin?

Rosin vs Live Rosin: What Are The Differences?

Rosin is a name for a specific method of extracting oils from cannabis flowers. The only things required are cannabis, heat, and pressure. Traditional methods that use solvents like butane are risky to make because it is a combustible gas. On top of that, butane hash oil or BHO concentrates can have leftover butane which is harmful to consume.

Rosin is the simple solution to these problems and many others. With the technique, you can turn flowers into dabs using nothing but a hair straightener and some parchment paper.

How To:

First, set the straightener to 300° Fahrenheit or less. You can then take a piece of parchment paper and fold it in half. Afterward, place a nug inside at the center so there is plenty of paper on the sides of the herb. Finally, put the paper with the weed at the center of the straightener’s plates and squeeze as hard as possible. After 5 to 10 seconds and some light sizzling, you’re all done.

With this technique, you won’t need to buy tons of butane. You’ll also save money and time by not needing a vacuum purge. It can take two to three days to completely purge BHO of all solvents. On the other hand, rosin is ready to dab immediately.

What Is Live Resin?

Rosin vs Live Rosin: What Are The Differences?

Live Resin is the name for any concentrate made with flash-frozen cannabis. Instead of curing the flowers, they are immediately frozen after harvest until they’re ready for extraction. The reason for this is because drying cannabis harms terpenes which are responsible for the smell and flavor of each strain.

The goal of live resin is to preserve as much of that live plant’s scent as possible. There is scientific evidence explaining why dried buds aren’t as aromatic as the live plant. One study found that drying weed decreases the number of terpenes in the oil.

Since live resin doesn’t come from dried flower, it preserves the original plant’s unique combination of terpenes. As a result, it is the most flavorful concentrate ever created.

Live Rosin

Rosin vs Live Rosin: What Are The Differences?

So now we’ve explained the rosin technique and live resin, live rosin should be easier to understand. Live rosin is more than just a fusion of the words live resin and rosin. Essentially you’re bringing the two together with one additional factor. The extraction method is the rosin technique and the starting materials are bubble hash that was made with fresh frozen material just like live resin.

To make Live Rosin you’ll need to be able to make or acquire top-quality fresh frozen bubble hash. Then, just follow the same steps as you would with rosin. Just make sure all starting materials were frozen after being snipped and you’re using a low temperature.When done right, you’ll be left with a pungent, solvent-free concentrate.

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