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If You’re An Expert Weed Smoker, These Scientists Have A Job For You!

If You're An Expert Weed Smoker, These Scientists Have A Job For You!


If You’re An Expert Weed Smoker, These Scientists Have A Job For You!

It turns out that if you’re an expert weed smoker, international medical cannabis researchers in Berlin have a job waiting for you.

In a job market that’s only getting more competitive, who would have thought that “professional pot smoker” would be a good byline on a resume? Well, it turns out that if you’re an expert weed smoker, there are scientists who have a job waiting for you. Both international medical cannabis researchers in Berlin and scientists in the U.S. want to research marijuana on humans. And this means that people who use cannabis regularly could find a way to pay for their lifestyle and contribute the good of mankind. Talk about a win-win situation.

Berlin Scientists Giving Out An Ounce Each Month

The idea of getting paid for smoking weed sounds too good to be true. But there are no advances in medical science without research. And that research needs volunteers. The same is true for researching cannabis, and the fact remains that scientists have decades of catching up to do. For example, we still don’t have solid science on a number of factors related to cannabis use and health. From mental health to addiction to cancer, there’s always more to learn and study.

That’s why a team of scientists in Berlin, Germany are currently recruiting “typical” cannabis users to participate in their newest study. Scientists working on a Cannabis Research Initiative want to get to the bottom of the relationship between cannabis and mental health. So they plan to investigate the effects on mentally healthy adults. First-time users or folks who are what the researchers call “dependent on cannabis” need not apply. Same for folks who already have a mental illness diagnosis. It’s not that the study aims to exclude those people. Scientists simply want to study whether cannabis could cause or worsen symptoms of mental illness in otherwise healthy users.

When the study is approved—and its organizers are confident it will—the plan is to distribute 28 grams, or a full ounce of herbal cannabis, each month for the length of the study. Participants in the research also get a special legal status that’s basically a “license to toke.” No worries about breaking the law.

Beware of Scam Researchers

If You're An Expert Weed Smoker, These Scientists Have A Job For You!

It’s totally understandable that you’d be enthusiastic about putting your cannabis expertise to good use. But beware. There are plenty of scammers out there looking to take advantage of your good will. Perhaps the most notorious recent example was the supposed “National Research Center” study on marijuana. This study was claiming to pay people $3,000 a week to consume different forms of cannabis and complete complex tasks. The news quickly went viral, despite never being verified.

NASA Has $18,000 For A Professional Couch Potato

Everyone knows NASA has its eyes set on humankind’s next space odyssey: landing an astronaut on Mars. Unfortunately, getting there will require astronauts to spend upwards of three months “resting” in zero gravity. That’s where marijuana users come in. Not only do they get to smoke up for science, they get to do it while sitting on their bums.

As part of their “Rest Studies,” expert weed smokers can spend 70 straight days in what amounts to perpetual “couch lock” simulator. In that period, NASA will pay you 1,200 per week to basically do whatever you want, as long as you don’t get out of bed. The researchers at NASA aren’t particularly concerned with whether you smoke cannabis or not. However, they should be interested in knowing whether cannabis consumption can help astronauts deal with space travel. 70 days in bed is an excruciating prospect. And cannabis could help alleviate everything from pain to insomnia to boredom.

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