Martellus Bennett Won’t Return to the NFL Because of Weed Drug Tests

Martellus Bennett has never been a shy one.


The NFL has had its fair share of controversy in recent years, and its safe to say its stringent marijuana policy can be included on that list. Sure, it might not be at the top, but most players—former and current—can agree on one thing: the league needs to take a more progressive stance on cannabis.

Retried players who have moved onto “greener” pastures can certainly attest to that notion. And Martellus Bennett is one of them. The recently-retired tight end was asked on social media whether or not he would consider an NFL comeback with his ex-New England Patriots team, and its safe to say his answer was, well, brutally honest.

Martellus Bennett Is Happily Retired

On Wednesday Martellus Bennett, who played parts of two seasons with the New England Patriots, in addition to stints with the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, and Green Bay Packers, was asked about a potential NFL return. After all, the former pro-bowler is only 31 years old—relatively young for an NFL player, particularly, at the tight end position. However, Bennett all but ruled out the notion, citing his seemingly daily marijuana use.

Or as he likes to refer to it as, the Wiz Khalifa diet.

As you know, Bennett’s diet wouldn’t necessarily bode well for an NFL return. Although the former tight end never was cited for any marijuana use in his playing days, he was a pretty outspoken dude. Obviously, things haven’t changed much on that front, but now it looks like Bennett has gone from a small filter to none at all.

Bennett retired back in March to further focus on his multimedia production company, The Imagination Agency. Judging by his love for weed, we’d like to think his “Imagination” is stronger than ever before.

Could Martellus Bennett Even Make A Comeback?

If we went out on a limb and said perhaps Bennett did decide to give the NFL another try, is it even feasible?

Well, the short answer is: if he can manage to pass a drug test. Fortunately, it wouldn’t even have to be the first one.

Under the leagues’ strict rules, a first-time offender must enter Stage One of the NFL’s substance abuse program. This typically includes a treatment plan given to said player by a doctor. This stage normally takes about 90 days to complete.

If the offender once again tests positive for cannabis, they typically have to go through the same steps, except this time, they’re subject to suspension—typically between two and four games. This stage also lasts 24 months, as opposed to 90 days.

Stage Three is where things get tricky (think: Josh Gordon). When a player enters Stage Three of the program, they still must receive treatment, but they are now subject to unannounced testing. Additionally, they face at least a ten game suspension. They are also placed on the program indefinitely unless a medical director chooses to discharge the player.

So if Bennett did try to make an NFL comeback, it looks like he’s going to have to get some of that THC out of his system—something that’s entirely possible. But with the way things look now, Bennett is happy kicking back and smoking the ganja.

And we can’t blame him for that.

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