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Snoop Dogg Attacks NFL For Gun Policy Changes

Snoop Dogg Attacks NFL For Gun Policy Changes


Snoop Dogg Attacks NFL For Gun Policy Changes

NFL Gun Policy Sparks Outrage

A video recently surfaced of an angered Snoop Dogg’s reaction to the new NFL gun policy. Apparently, this year the NFL has begun training players on how to use guns in certain situations. This is part of a gun education program the NFL is running to avoid further gun tragedies. Earlier this year, an ex-NFL player named Zurlon Tipton had two guns in a duffel bag and one of them accidentally went off fatally shooting him in the stomach. Some people believe the new gun policy is condoning or encouraging NFL players to carry guns. Snoop is upset because NFL players have pleaded for the ability to smoke marijuana to help with concussions and other football-related injuries but their pleas have gone unheard. Meanwhile, the NFL has had time to implement this gun policy that snoop believe will lead to more violence.

NFL Players Seek Lift on Marijuana Restrictions

Former NFL running back Jamal Anderson says that when he was playing 40-50 percent of players were using marijuana and nowadays he believes about 60% are using it. He says it’s “because players today don’t believe in the stigma that older people associate with smoking it. To the younger guys in the league now, smoking weed is a normal thing, like having a beer. Plus, they know that smoking it helps them with the concussions.”

However, the players using marijuana could face serious consequences if they test positive. Players have to deal with their injuries when being tested. One player surveyed said that players “know when the test is. Once you pass it, you can do as much as you want all year.”

One assistant coach said “if you tested the players during the season every week we wouldn’t be able to field a league. We’d have to merge with the CFL.”

Even though players are getting away with this they and Snoop Dogg feel as though they shouldn’t have to hide or be penalized for their marijuana usage. A simple google search on marijuana and concussions will point to the plants ability to help symptoms and permanent effects from brain injuries.

The NFL is currently in a concussion crisis with players retiring as early as their 20s due to brain-related injuries. Linebacker Chris Borland and offensive Anthony Davis both retired before 30 due to the severity of their brain-related injuries.

The number of concussions going on in the NFL prompted a Harvard emeritus professor of psychiatry to post a letter recommending the NFL to support the study of marijuana as a concussion antidote.

In one study, 15 out of 16 players claimed they used marijuana for medical purposes like easing soreness and pain from injuries.

Players also believe that marijuana is safer to use than the painkiller drugs that the NFL allows them to use.

Snoop’s Harsh Words for the NFL

Snoop Dogg is fighting for NFL players right to use marijuana while bashing them for promoting gun use.

He’s quoted saying “The NFL wants to give players the rights to carry guns (on-site), but won’t give ’em the rights to smoke weed. They’re already violent as fuck playing football give them something to turn ’em down. Weed.”

He added, “NFL, ya’ll stupid as f*ck. Man, get at me about fixing this shit. How ya’ll gon’ clear guns but don’t clear mothaf*ckin’ marijuana? Marijuana calms a mothaf*cka down. Guns turn a mothaf*cka up.”

Final Hit

Does snoop have a point? Is it hypocritical for the NFL to support gun use but deny players the right to smoke medical marijuana? Well right now the number of brain injuries in the NFL outweighs the number of gun fatalities so snoop may have a point about the NFL’s priorities.

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