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Apple Vaporizer? Did Apple Just File A Patent For The iVape?

Apple Just Filed Patents For A Vaporizer


Apple Vaporizer? Did Apple Just File A Patent For The iVape?

In major news out of Silicon Valley, tech giant Apple has just revealed that it filed patents for an Apple vaporizer back in July of 2016. The bombshell announcement dropped on January 26, when Apple went public with the patent application the company had filed for a “sublimator/vaporizer.” People are understandably stoked, especially considering how the announcement came a few weeks after California legalized recreational cannabis. Could it be a mere coincidence that Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA put out a patent for an Apple vaporizer just months before California legalized recreational cannabis? Or is Apple about to make moves into the legal marijuana market?

Apple Vaporizer Could Dominate The Vaporizer Industry

Apple Vaporizer? Did Apple Just File Patent For The iVape?

The paperwork for the patent claims is agonizingly vague about what exactly this vaporizer is for. But the wording of the patent filing’s abstract drops a few hints about what’s in store.

A chamber body is to receive therein a substance that is to be vaporized or sublimated into a vapor.

The patent doesn’t go into any further detail about what “substance” Apple has in mind. And it doesn’t say much about what the vaporizer is supposed to be used for. Other than, of course, sublimating a solid substance or vaporizing a liquid one.

On the one hand, the vaporizer could just be part of some innovation in manufacturing or industrial processes. Apple is well known for that. But it’s hard not to think about the much more obvious purpose. THC concentrates, oils, waxes, cannabis flowers. Those are solids and liquids that you can vape! It’s hard to resist asking: could Apple’s vaporizer patent be part of their plan to release a device poised to take over the vaping industry?

Ultimately, it’s anyone’s guess what device Apple has in the works. Some, like the tech blog SiliconBeat, are speculating that Apple is developing a vape pen. That would be something to get excited about. Apple’s tech “ecosystem” offers users an entire environment for media and personal productivity. Imagine a dedicated app on your iPhone for dialing in the perfect temperature on your vape pen for whatever “substance” you have in mind. Or an app that helped you manage the dosing of your medical CBD oil.

Apple Vaporizer Could Mainstream America’s Stance on Cannabis

Apple Vaporizer? Did Apple Just File Patent For The iVape?

Of course, there’s always the chance that Apple doesn’t have plans to move into the legal cannabis market. Apple did, in fact, block a weed-based app from MassRoots from its popular App Store back in 2015. Apple did eventually agree to let the app back on its Store. Nevermind that it took thousands of signatures to get them to do it. Besides, 2015 was so two years ago. It’s a whole new world of cannabis now.

However, it could be the case that Apple is just trying to tap into the growing vaporizer industry. According to Yura Bryant for Huff Post, vaporizer companies are riding on the coattails of legal weed and the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes. In 2015, the vaporizer industry netted a cool $3.5 billion.

But Apple has all kinds of cash to invest in one of the fastest growing markets in the United States. An ultra-slick iVape (Apple Vaporizer) would likely revolutionize not just the vaping industry, but mainstream America’s stance on cannabis, too.

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