Best Percolators For Your Bong

Mary Millus/Green Rush Daily

Best Bong Percolators

A walk around your local head shop’s water pipe selection may leave you overwhelmed with choices. There are dozens of percolator designs on the market and new ones surface every year. Percolators filter water and smoke to reduce heat and provide smoother hits to bong smokers. Some provide smoother hits but require greater lung capacity, while others are intended to deliver better flavor. If you’re looking for the best bong percolators on the market today, we’ve got you covered.

Whole Piece Percolator

Pulse Glass

The best percolator bongs on the market are probably the ones that use the entire piece as a perc. The faberge egg style features swiss cheese looking holes that provide extra diffusion and reduce volume so it requires less effort to pull. This design has been mimicked by many artists and is still considered one of the most innovative and best functioning water pipe designs to this date. The faberge swiss hole style is the most popular but the ball rig and other styles also utilize the entire piece for added percolation.

Seed of Life Percolator

Mothership Glass

Most of the best percolator designs can be replicated and mass-produced so that consumers can more easily afford them. However, the seed of life percolator by Mothership Glass is the hardest to replicate. Scotte Deppe, head of Mothership Glass, uses high-tech lasers to etch a top-functioning and aesthetically pleasing perc. The perfectly symmetrical seed of life percolator design has 18 holes for diffusion. This makes hits smoother as water bubbles stack their way up to the top of the water pipe. This is one of the most innovative and best-functioning bong percolators on the market.

Recycler Percolator

Recyclers are a style of water pipe percolator that “recycle” smoke into a second chamber then bring it in a loop that goes back through the original chamber, which filters the smoke over and over again. Recyclers are designed to better filter your smoke so you can pull more with less irritation from heat. Bigger hits have been said to lead to stronger highs so if that’s what you’re looking for you might wanna try out a recycler.

Pillar Percolator

Sovreignty Glass

The pillar percolator is one of the best designs for smoking dry herbs. Users of the Peyote Pillar by Sovereignty Glass have found the pillar perc to provide the perfect balance of flavor and heat reduction. The pillar percolator reduces the volume of the water pipe making it easier to clear as well. Larger pieces are usually hard to clear but the Peyote pillar makes ripping large amounts of dry herb at once easy. First smoke travels into a dry chamber. Then the smoke enters the peyote perc ball through a hole in the middle of the pillars. Bubbles and smoke travel up the 12 pillars and bubbles continue to stack up to the top of the upper chamber. Once you remove the bowl a flavorful and smooth shot of marijuana smoke will quickly clear out of the piece and into your lungs.

Gridded Tongue Percolator

Pulse Glass

The gridded tongue percolator provides greater diffusion than most percs while maintaining the marijuana’s flavor. The gridded tongue provides an extra push in airflow especially on the bottom chambers of double perc pieces. According to Pulse Glass the gridded tongue perc is perfect for upwards airflow and preserving flavor. Gridded tongue percs made by pulse glass are all hand blown with love and come with anywhere from 20 to 40 points of diffusion.

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