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The Bukket Gravity Bong Doesn’t Need Any Water

The Bukket Gravity Bong Doesn't Need Any Water


The Bukket Gravity Bong Doesn’t Need Any Water

The Bukket

There is now a device called the Bukket, a gravity bong that’s simple to use and doesn’t need any water. The Bukket first appeared at the Amsterdam Cannabis CUP in November 2001, the world’s leading cannabis trade show and has slowly made its way around the globe. The gravity bong is made up of 5 parts, The mouth, the digestive system, the palm, the lungs, and the foot. Each piece plays a crucial role getting you high. Here’s how it’s broken down:

The Mouth – this piece is the bowl. Grind up the bud and place it in the pocket at the tip of the piece.

The Digestive System – this cloth must be wet then rolled into the mouthpiece. It filters the smoke and ash from the mouth down into the body of the Bukket.

The Palm – the perfect holder for the mouthpiece while smoking. When removing the mouth after lighting the marijuana, much like a normal bong, place it in the pocket on top of the palm.

The Lungs – as humans inhale, so does the Bukket. When lighting the mouth full of cannabis, the lungs must expand to capture the smoke. Some people lift from the top up when smoke fills the middle, like an accordion. Others will let it drop and fill, like a slinky.

The Foot – this piece weighs down the bottom of the bong as the smoke fills the lungs and expands the Bukket.

How To Use It

The Bukket Gravity Bong Doesn't Need Any Water

Attach all the pieces, it’ll look like a dome with a chimney when assembled correctly.

Wet the cloth (Digestive System) and roll it into the mouthpiece.

Grind the marijuana and put the desired amount in the bowl of The Mouth.

Place the bowl into the chimney part of the dome.

Light the bud and either lift up the palm or drop the foot. Either way, watch smoke fill the lungs of the gravity bong.

Remove the mouth and place it in its holder on the palm.

Finally, inhale from the chimney.



The Bukket Gravity Bong Doesn't Need Any Water

Cleaning the Bukket is just as simple as using it.

Take the pieces apart. In the mouth piece, there is a 5-holed tin circle. Remove this using a pen to pop it out. Then, soak both pieces in grease remover and water for 15 minutes.

The filter should be replaced after a few sessions since it collects ash. However, cleaning the cloth using cleaning solution and rinsing it under water will prolong its life a bit longer.

Take apart the body by twisting the top and bottom in opposite directions. Soak all the pieces in cleaning solution and warm water. When clean, wipe dry with a sheet of paper.

Not only is the Bukket easy to use and clean, its small, portable and comes in a little bag. Perfect for adventures. The Bukket can be purchased here.

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