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California Dispensary Installs First-Ever Weed Vending Machine

California Dispensary Installs First-Ever Weed Vending Machine


California Dispensary Installs First-Ever Weed Vending Machine

California Dispensary Installs First-Ever Weed Vending Machine

A California dispensary installs first-ever weed vending machine to cut down waiting times and lines, and increase customer satisfaction.

Legal weed and high tech innovation are working together to create an entirely new way to purchase cannabis. As a California dispensary installs its first-ever weed vending machine, the world of cannabis continues charging ahead into new territory.

Buy Your Weed From a Vending Machine

The KindPeoples weed dispensary, in Santa Cruz, California, recently unveiled what local California news source KRON-TV called a “first-of-its-kind” cannabis vending machine.

The machine features touchscreen technology and displays high-resolution images of the weed products available for purchase. This includes flowers, vaporizers, edibles, and pretty much anything else you’d expect to see in a recreational dispensary.

Dispensary owners think the new vending machine will be very popular for a lot of customers. In particular, they think it will be perfect for customers who want to keep their transactions on the down low and would rather not have to interact with anyone, including budtenders.

Similarly, the machine could be popular among customers who are simply in a rush and don’t want to stand in line.

“A lot of customers come in, and they know exactly what they want, so they have the ability to sign in, grab the products, and get going, so it’s really just a convenience machine,” said Marketing Director Brett Friel. “If you know your product and perhaps this is a busy time, and you don’t want to wait in a line, now you have access to a quick, easy and grab-and-go situation.”

Addressing Security Concerns

Not surprisingly, security and legal compliance are top concerns when it comes to putting a cannabis vending machine into a weed shop. But according to Friel, the machine comes with a number of security features already built in. These features ensure that anyone using the machine is of legal age.

To use the vending machine, a customer must log in by swiping their ID. From there, the interface requires customers to verify that they are 21 or older. Once the ID and age verification is complete, the vending machine takes customers to the products screen, where they can scroll through all available products and make their selections.

As is the often the case at dispensaries, customers who use the vending machine must pay with cash. The machine does not accept cards. Most dispensaries operate as cash-only businesses, primarily because major banks and credit companies typically refuse to do business with dispensaries—even in states where it’s legal.

Final Hit: California Dispensary Installs First-Ever Weed Vending Machine

This vending machine is the latest innovation in the ever-evolving California cannabis scene. A lot has changed in California over the past couple years. In November 2016, California voters approved the legalization of recreational weed. Full recreational retail began at the beginning of this year. Since then, the California cannabis market has shown a lot of activity and strength.

But throughout the process, there has also been growing concern by law enforcement that some weed shops are operating illegally. Given this atmosphere, it’s important that this new vending machine complies with all laws.

“There will not be anyone under the age of 21 who has access to the machine between checking in at the reception, getting in our database as well as checking IDs at the door,” Friel said. “We have triple verified that you are of age to consume cannabis.”

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