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Cannabis Vending Machines Are A Dream Come True

Cannabis Vending Machines Are a Stoners Dream Come True


Cannabis Vending Machines Are A Dream Come True

As cannabis moves into the mainstream, we see all sorts of innovations. And some of those innovations are revolutionizing the way pot consumers go about getting their hands on bud. One of the coolest is cannabis vending machines.

While your parents and grandparents had no other way to get their weed than to get it on the down low from their dealer, 21st-century smokers are beginning to see tons of new options.

Imagine looking over a wide selection of strains, picking the one you want, putting your money into the slot, and then having your herb delivered right to your hand. No hassle, no stress.

That’s exactly what cannabis vending machines are making possible—at least for people who live in 420 friendly locations.

Back in 2014, B.C. Pain Society revealed the first ever cannabis vending machine on Canadian soil.

Customers at that dispensary were able to choose from a variety of different strains. For $20, they could get an individually packaged and sealed eighth. For $50 they could get a half-ounce.

The dispensary also repurposed old gumball machines to sell smaller amounts of pot to customers.

That same year, cannabis vending machines started showing up in the U.S. Dispensaries in Colorado first started using vending machines to sell edibles to customers.

The Future Of Cannabis Vending Machines

Cannabis Vending Machines Are a Stoners Dream Come True

After seeing the initial success of these early vending machines, cannabis entrepreneurs in Seattle decided to give it a shot.

In February 2015, Seattle became the first city in the United States to have vending machines that sold actual flower buds.

These vending machines raised the bar on the entire idea of cannabis vending machines.

They included touch screens that customers could use to make their purchases. The machines also let customers play games and read medical information about different strains and products.

It seems like cannabis vending machines could open up a whole new universe of possibilities.

In the same way that traditional vending machines make a full range of treats and snacks readily available, cannabis vending machines could become a pot user’s dream come true.

Cannabis Vending Machines Are a Stoners Dream Come True

A place where everything from strains to hash to oils to edibles to rolling papers to bowls to any other imaginable pot-related thing is all on display, ready for quick and easy purchase. Welcome to the future.

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