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The CannaCloud Is Like An Espresso Machine For Cannabis

The CannaCloud Is Like An Espresso Machine For Cannabis


The CannaCloud Is Like An Espresso Machine For Cannabis

The CannaCloud is a pod-based, single-serve cannabis vaporizer for consumers. It’s like an espresso machine for medical marijuana patients.

CannaCloud Vaporizer is Revolutionary for Medical Marijuana Patients

It’s not the new name of a smartphone. For marijuana enthusiasts, it is even better. It’s a ‘Keurig for cannabis.’ CannaKorp, a start-up business that just passed its first year of existence, is ready to release a fascinating vaporizer for marijuana.  

It is pod-based, with a single-serve feature, meant to take the performance of known vaporizers to another level. The new invention comes under the name of CannaCloud, which is very inspirational indeed. The entire idea of creating this vaporizer is to increase the precision of using marijuana vapors and bringing ease to the whole process.

CannaCloud Vaporizer

Even if it sounds sophisticated, the CannaCloud vaporizer works rather easy. All you have to do is to put a cup of marijuana, which will be measured first, into a canister. You put the cartridge into the vaporizer container and press a button.

The marijuana in the canister will be then brought to the right temperature to release vapors. Shortly, the entire container is filled with vapors, which you can enjoy through a plastic valve. It is as easy to use as any other kitchen appliance you might have.

It looks very much like a coffee machine that works with preset cups. Do you think that is a coincidence? Don’t, because the company has, as team members, two persons that are former executives at an enterprise making these coffee machines.

The CEO of CannaKorp, Dave Manly, which worked in the past at the Keurig coffee machine company, admitted that his venture into the world of marijuana makes him feel young again, like reliving college.

His 13 years of experience at Keurig helped him in creating this one of a kind machine at CannaKorp. Keurig is known for having high-quality and consistent coffee cups for their machines, which always tasted in the same excellent way. So Dave wanted to bring the same consistency in products and quality in the new CannaCloud.

CannaCups (Pods)

The 'Keurig for Cannabis' From CannaKorp

The CannaCups, this time, will be made by carefully selecting the marijuana producers from all over the country, which can deliver the best buds. Also, the raw product will be checked and prepared in a lab, making sure that the customers will receive the same effect in each marijuana cup, no more and no less.

Still, even if consistency is one of the company’s values, clients will be able to pick their favorite marijuana strain and opt for an adequate strength of the product. They can do that by contacting one of the CannaKorp partner dispensaries. There are 50 of them all over the country.

According to today’s legislation, all marijuana products must have the THC levels mentioned on their label. Unfortunately, not all THC statements on labels are accurate. Lab tests proven in many cases that the THC values indicated on a product’s label can be, in reality, lower or higher. Still, even in this uncertainty, CannaKorp’s laboratories will be able to deliver a consistency of their products that is never seen elsewhere.

The CEO guarantees that when you choose your preferred pod, you will know exactly the strain, strength, and brand. Also, each time you will choose it again, you will experience the same effects. The company wishes to become the best friend of marijuana users.

But high quality will not come cheap. Even if the CannaCloud vaporizer comes at the price of $149, much lower than the PAX 3, another popular vaporizer, the pods will be a bit more expensive. They will come at $9.99 each, even if they are a single-use variety. For the moment, the company is looking to gather about $10 million, for starting the production. Until then, we will have to wait patiently and enjoy marijuana in another manner.

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