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Chameleon Monsoon Is The Perfect On-The-Go Bubbler

Chameleon Monsoon Is The Perfect On-The-Go Bubbler


Chameleon Monsoon Is The Perfect On-The-Go Bubbler

Chameleon Monsoon

The Chameleon Monsoon could very well be your next best friend. That’s because the folks at Chameleon Glass have managed to bring together the simple portability of a spoon, the smooth filtration of a water pipe, the functionality of a bubbler, and they’ve made the entire thing spill-proof. Too often, smoking on the go forces you to be kind of limited in your smoking options.

At home it’s easy to hit even the biggest, most elaborate bong imaginable, but not when you’re out. When you’re at work, in the car, or spending a little time outdoors, you’ve got to go with something smaller, more discreet, and easier to carry around. And that’s exactly where the Chameleon Monsoon spill-proof bubbler comes in. This piece lets you enjoy all the benefits of a water pipe, but in the compact shape and size of a spoon.

Chameleon Monsoon spill-proof bubbler

Chameleon Monsoon Is The Perfect On-The-Go Bubbler

Thanks to a specially designed system of holes, the Chameleon Monsoon makes it easy to pour water in but almost impossible for it to splash back out. When you take a hit on the Chameleon Monsoon, smoke bubbles through the chamber just like any regular water pipe. When it hits your mouth and lungs, the smoke is clean and crisp.

And because the water won’t spill, you can take this piece with you wherever you go. No mess, no cleanup, just smooth bubbly smoke. The other nice thing about the Chameleon Monsoon’s engineering is that while it’s almost impossible for water to spill, it’s still easy to clean and replace the water.

Just hold the pipe straight up and down and run water through the mouthpiece. The running water flushes everything out. From there, refill the spill-proof stem with fresh, clean water and you’re ready for your next sesh.

Cleaning Your Chameleon Monsoon Bubbler

Chameleon Monsoon Is The Perfect On-The-Go Bubbler

For a deeper clean, hold the pipe straight up and down with the mouthpiece facing up. Run hot water through it for 60 seconds.

Next, place the pipe into a tall container—a pint glass works perfect for this—and pour your cleaner of choice into the mouthpiece until the entire pipe is submerged. Lift the pipe out of the cleaner, flip it, and submerge it again. Flip it a few more times then let the pipe soak.

After it’s soaked for a while, give the pipe a thorough rinse and run hot water through the mouthpiece until you’ve washed out all the cleaning fluid. Your piece should now be squeaky clean and ready to go. While everything we’ve said so far makes the Chameleon Monsoon an absolutely killer piece, it doesn’t stop there.

The folks at Chameleon have been making glass for 25 years. They know that smoking isn’t just about function—it’s also about style. That’s why the Chameleon Monsoon looks just as smooth as the bubbly smoke it produces. The Monsoon goes for a sleek and classic vibe, using mostly transparent glass but with some brightly colored accents. The clear glass body lets you watch as the smoke fills the bowl, moves into the chamber, hits all those beautiful bubbles, and then rushes into your mouth and lungs when you clear it.

From start to finish, the Chameleon Monsoon Bubbler does the job right. It’s the perfect solution for cannabis smokers looking for a top shelf experience whether they’re at home or on the go.

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