The Dipper Is A Nectar Collector And Dab Pen In One

The Dipper vape pen, made by Dipstick Vapes, is changing everything you thought you knew about portable vaporizers and dabbing. This sleek, easy-to-use pen lets you dab your favorite concentrates without the need for a full-sized dabbing rig. With the Dipper, you no longer need to pack your vaporizer, light a torch or heat a nail. If you’re a dabber, this thing is about to become your new best friend.

Using The Dipper

Ease of use is where the Dipper stands out the most. As the pen’s name suggests, all you do is dip it into your favorite concentrate and inhale.

To use the Dipper, spread out a little bit of concentrate on a flat surface. Or simply open up your concentrate container. Turn on the pen and let it heat up.

When it’s ready to go, lightly dip the piece’s specialized Vapor Tip Atomizer into the concentrate. Begin inhaling and gently slide the tip across your concentrate.

The Dipper’s innovative dabbing tip instantly vaporizes your wax. As you pull in, you are rewarded with thick clouds of full, tasty vapor packed with tons of THC.

And clean up is easy. Since you don’t have to set up a rig, heat any torches, or scoop up any sticky concentrate, there is no mess or hassle. Simply turn off the pen and click the lid into place.

The pen is small enough to slide into your pocket, purse, or bookbag, which makes it great for on-the-go dabbing.

And if you want to use it as a traditional vaporizer, swap out the Vapor Tip Atomizer for the Quartz Crystal Atomizer. Load it, fire up the oven, and go to town.

Extra Features

The most innovative aspect of the Dipper is its interchangeable vaping tips. These are what make it such a versatile and functional vaporizer.

Beyond that, the easy temperature control is the other key feature you will love, whether you are a dabber or a vaper.

With the click of a button, you can set the pen’s temp to low, medium, or high. The pen’s light lets you know where you’re at: blue for low heat, green for medium, and red for high.

By controlling the temperature, you can dial in the piece to give you the precise dabbing or vaping experience you’re after. Lower temps will give you cooler and smoother vapor that will be full of rich, cannabis flavor. Go with the low setting if you want to tap into the full flavor profile of your bud’s terpenes.

Hotter temps will produce thicker, more robust clouds of vapor. These can be harder-hitting. Although they will not taste as pure as a low temp dab, higher temperature hits from the Dipper still tend to be tasty and flavorful.

The Final Hit

Cannabis concentrates in general — and dabbing in particular — are becoming more and more popular. But one of the problems plaguing this growth has been how difficult it can be to dab.

Traditionally, dabbing requires you to get a few pieces of new equipment such as torches, nails, and domes. But even after you’ve got your rig together, it can still be relatively complicated to use.

You have to worry about how to reach the proper temperatures to vaporize the concentrate. You have to decide if you want to heat the nail manually using a blowtorch, or if you want to use an e-nail for more precise control.

All this adds up to a scenario that can be a bit intimidating for the average bud smoker. But now, all that confusion has been solved by this one easy-to-use vape pen.

In the end, the Dipper’s biggest contribution is its ability to make dabbing more accessible to a wide range of cannabis fans. The piece currently costs $150, but if you have any interest in concentrates or dabbing, the money is well worth it.

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