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Introducing the Ice Bong That Never Breaks

Introducing the Bong of Ice That Never Breaks


Introducing the Ice Bong That Never Breaks

Eyce Bong

One of the worst feelings imaginable is watching an expensive bong fall to the floor and shatter. Luckily, there is a bong out there that is indestructible and guaranteed to deliver an icy-cool hit each and every time.

Introducing the Eyce Bong Mold

The innovators at Eyce have crafted a mold that lets you quickly freeze up your very own ice bong. Pour in the water, pop it in the freezer, and bam: roughly 9 hours later, you’ve got a bong entirely made of ice.

Introducing the Bong of Ice That Never Breaks


What’s Included With Your Eyce Bong

Included in the kit is everything you need: stand, mouthpiece, core pin, stem, and an indestructible silicone mold. This ‘cool’ invention will leave you stress-free as you pass the green without fear of having your bong broken. Being made of ice also means that each hit will have that icy-cool finish that allows for bigger hits. When you’re done, simply store in the freezer for later, or smash the ice for shock value and freeze up another one!

The Eyce bong retails at $89.99 and can be purchased from their website. For $24.99, you can also get an extra pipe kit, so you never have to wait on your bong to freeze:

One Eyce Mold equals endless water pipes, but why stop at one? Pick up another set of the stand, mouth piece, grommet, and down stem to make a second, or a third, or a fourth water pipe! Having two sets virtually eliminates the freeze time, because then you can have one freezing while you’re using your frozen pipe

Introducing the Bong of Ice That Never Breaks


You can also get their “ninja suit,” a sort of bong-cozy that keeps the ice cool longer, allowing for more time out of the freezer before it begins to sweat. In addition to adding functionality, the ninja suit looks pretty sleek.


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