Best Glass Tips for Smoking Marijuana


Best Glass Tips 2016

Smoking weed from papers always leads to stinky fingers. The solution to this problem lies in glass tips made for smoking. A glass tip can take the place of a paper filter which is more harmful to the lungs and throat. They make it easier to smoke your roach ’til there’s no weed left. No longer will you need to burn your fingers to get those last few hits out of a roach. Glass tips create extra distance between you and the cherry making hits less harsh on the throat, even towards the joints end. Most glass tips have a pinch in the glass to block any unwanted scooby snacks from flying into the back of your throat.

Here is a list of our top five glass tips for smoking and keeping those fingers fresh:

5. Phuncky Feel Tips

Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips were created by the group’s lead B-Real to provide smokers with a newly refined method and product to better their smoking experience. The glass is made by Roor, a company that has decades of experience molding high-quality laboratory glass into smoking devices and accessories.

The larger 12mm and 16mm Phuncky Feel Tips can hold your joints, or you can use the tip in the place of a filter. The Phuncky Feel Tips come in a variety of sizes and styles. There is the clear basic tip that comes with either a flat mouthpiece or around one.

There is a heady selection of PFTs made with different colors of borosilicate glass and designs making them collectible. All PFTs have a pinch before the mouthpiece to block flakes of herb from flying into your mouth when smoking.

4. Killa Double Barrel 2 Joint Holder

Sometimes one joint isn’t enough, and the KILLA team knows that feel. That’s why they created the Killa Double Barrel 2 Joint Holder.

Similar to the RAW double barrel except it’s made of glass so it will provide a smoother hit and it will also be easier to clean. The concept is simple, it’s a glass tip that forks out to hold two average sized joints.

3. Purr Glass “Smokey” Multifunctional Tip

The Purr Glass “Smokey” Tip is about half the size of a big lighter and has several uses. It can be utilized as a small one-hitter, a joint holder, or rolled into a joint in the place of a filter.

The glass is pinched towards the middle to block and weed debris from getting past your lips. These multifunctional tips come in a variety of colors, including green slyme, pink slyme, black and white striped, black dichro, and many others.

2. OG Tips

OG Tips are handmade from Grade A glass in California for the ultimate smoking experience. The OG tips allow you to enjoy the full flavor of your smoke while reducing the tar and the harshness of the smoke.

These OG Tips are made to take the place of paper filters. They fit into any size rolling machine, and they are easy to clean. There are two pinches in the glass to make it near impossible for ash or herbs to find their way to your mouth.

1. Glass Joint

The Med Glass Joint is hand-crafted and made in the U.S. The glass joint is made of high-quality high-heat-resistant pyrex glass. This tip provides a good amount of space for smoke to travel and cool before reaching a smoker’s lips.

The Med Glass Joint will keep your fingers clean and smell-free. The Med Glass Joint is also economical; no roach will be spared. The Med Glass Joint comes in several sizes.

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