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Hemp Sports Car Rides High On Cross-Country Tour

Hemp Sports Car


Hemp Sports Car Rides High On Cross-Country Tour

Hemp Sports Car

In case you were looking for yet another entry in your “pros” column about weed, go ahead and add “hemp sports car!” to the list.

Cannabis is both a textile and medicine. “One version gets you high. A car can be made out of the other version. They’re both cannabis,” observes Renew Sports Car President Bruce Dietzen.

Renew Sports Cars candy-red whip is interwoven hemp fibers covered in a super-hard resin. Your only clue would be a little logo of George Washington blazing a joint on the side panel. (Something to keep in mind if you are road tripping across state lines in your flashy hemp sports car!)

It is a developing line of 100 percent carbon-neutral and non-polluting sports cars. The red-reefer-rider was last seen in Denver. To raise awareness and draw potential investors, Dietzen drove his Cannabis Car to hundreds of festivals and events throughout the country.

One might imagine the warm welcome Dietzen receives at the festivals. How much grass would you get if you pulled up in an environmentally conscious cannabis cruiser?

Not only does the Cannabis Car have a pure hemp body, but it also runs on renewal BioButanol, a fuel made from recycled agricultural waste. American carmakers have been experimenting with the idea since the 1940s.

Dietzen says he was inspired to create his hemp sports car by the legendary Henry Ford, who, with the help of famed scientist George Washington Carver, made a prototype car body from agricultural plastic derived from hemp and soy in 1941.

Ford’s car ran on a similar biofuel called cellulosic ethanol. It is made from hemp remnants rather than corn, as is the case with BioButanol. “Both fuels are considered next generation biofuels,” Dietzen wrote in an to Hannaway. “BioButanol has its advantages, one being that it is a “drop-in” fuel, which requires no modification to the engine. The more you know.

One question Bruce is unable to answer, however, is how well the convertible top works for hot boxing. If you want to find out, try to catch up with Dietzen on his tour. But remember to bring $42,000 with you: Renew’s asking price for the hemp sports car.

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