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The Milaana Handmade Vape Is Some Next Level Sh*t

The Milaana Handmade Vape Is Some Next Level Sh*t


The Milaana Handmade Vape Is Some Next Level Sh*t

Imagine yourself sitting down to a top-shelf, desktop vaporizing system. You know you’re going to get solid vapor hits with huge clouds, thanks to the convection vaporizing system that’s the hallmark of future-ready, high-quality devices. But now imagine that you can take that top-of-the-line desktop system and hold it in the palm of your hand. Then, get ready for your dreams to become a reality with the latest vaporizer technology from Rasta Buddha Tao, the Milaana handmade vape. It’s seriously some next level sh*t.

Milaana Handmade Vape: Unparalleled Design and Functionality

The Milaana Handmade Vape Is Some Next Level Sh*t

The first thing we noticed about the Milaana is its unparalleled craftsmanship. Forget plastic and metal. The Milaana is a handmade vape sporting a solid maple body. The vapor pathway is 100 percent medical grade glass. And the metal pieces are stainless steel touched with brass and copper, lending the whole device a steam punk aesthetic.

However, the Milaana is way more than just looks. It comes with a variety of mouthpieces with two-ply screens for filtering air, delivering the purest vapor hits possible. Even better, the glass stems can be inverted, allowing you to link up your Milaana handmade vape with your water pipe. That kind of expandable versatility is amazing and practical.

And the Milaana doesn’t skimp on power either. The battery chamber fits standard 18650 rechargeable batteries. Contact is made when you tighten the brass mounting screw to the top of the vape. That battery allows the Milaana to deliver 45 watts at the push of a button, delivering potent vapor in less than 5 seconds.

And keeping with the elegant simplicity of its design, this handmade vape contains no electronics. This guarantees a simple, reliable, and consistent experience every time. No wonder the company backs their vape with a 3-year warranty. Combine that with the Milaana’s affordability and the fact that it’s made in the USA, and you’ve got an unbeatable product.

Delivering A Next Level Vaping Experience

The Milaana Handmade Vape Is Some Next Level Sh*t

The incredible design philosophy and quality of materials that make the Milaana handmade vape mean you’ll enjoy a next level vaping experience.

If you’re familiar with vaping, you appreciate having complete control over the temperature of your vaporizer. The Milaana handmade vape is totally “hands on,” empowering you to manually control the heater during your vaping session.

Controlling the production of your vapor is essential to a good experience. And the manual approach makes everything about the gorgeous Milaana feel more intimate. The interactive control of the heat lets you dial in the size and power of your vapor production. With precise control, you can vapor surf, bringing temperatures up, back down, whatever to your liking. With its small size, that kind of power is something special.

How To Take Advantage of Milaana’s Full Convention-Based Vaporizer

The Milaana Handmade Vape Is Some Next Level Sh*t

What sets this handheld, handmade vape apart from similar devices is its full convection vaporizing system, typically found on pricier desktop vapes. Using the company’s proprietary RBT high surface area heater technology, the Milaana maximizes vapor production using lower heat than other conventional vapes.

And lower temperatures help to keep your cannabis’s terpenes intact, meaning you’ll enjoy unbelievably rich flavors when you vape. Additionally, the cooler vapor will be much kinder on your throat.

The fact that the Milaana’s design virtually eliminates flow resistance is also a huge plus. Vaping can sometimes feel a bit disappointing when you’re used to smoking weed: where’s the cloud, dude! But the low draw resistance of the Milaana means you’ll produce big, satisfying clouds.

To take advantage of the full convection system and everything else this handmade vape has to offer, make sure to grind your dried flower as finely as possible. You don’t need a lot of dried herb, but make sure you pack it down tightly. The glass mouthpieces have built-in screens to make this easy.

The best technique is to use a very light draw since there’s so little resistance on the pull. A relaxed, slow inhale is the best method. As the unit heats up, dial back the heat and control your experience.

Final Thoughts On The Milaana Handmade Vape

Vaping with the Milaana as a truly next level handheld vaping experience. Its simplicity and features rival any other portable vape out there, and the USA build quality is superb and unmatched. The folks at Rasta Budda Tao even put each unit through a factory burn in which guarantees the purity of the all-glass vapor path.

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