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Monkey O’s Will Help You Blow Like A Pro

Monkey O's Will Help You Blow Like A Pro


Monkey O’s Will Help You Blow Like A Pro

Ever wanted to blow O’s like a pro? Well, now you can make smoking weed even more fun with this new device. Monkey O’s is a device that allows you to blow O’s or bubbles of smoke to make your session a lot more interesting.

How To Blow O’s

Monkey O's Will Help You Blow Like A Pro

Monkey O’s works as a vape or smoke ring maker straight out of the box. Here is how you use it to blow O rings in three easy steps:

1. First, hold the monkey O by its ear. The ears are handles. The side with the smaller hole is the mouthpiece to the device.

2. Take a drag from whatever you’re smoking or vaping. Then, very slowly exhale a bit of smoke into the Monkey O’s chamber.

3. Finally, make monkey “oo” and “ah” sounds while controlling your breath to blow ring after ring out. There’s a bit of a learning curve but with a bit of practice, you’ll be blowing O’s like a pro!

It’s really simple! Check out this video of these guys quickly learning to use the Monkey O to blow vapor rings.

Monkey O’s Smoke Bubble Maker

Monkey O's Will Help You Blow Like A Pro

Our favorite part of this device has to be the fact that you can make smoke and vapor bubbles with it. They have their own special bubble fluid formula called monkey juice. It encases smoke without easily popping when moved. So you can manipulate your ball of smoke in the air. Making smoke bubbles is fun with some practical uses.

You can stick several bubbles of smoke together. Release bubbles from the Monkey O and then catch them. There are tons of ways to keep yourself entertained while medicating.

You can take a bong rip, blow a monkey O bubble then re-inhale the smoke a second time. Good luck doing that without the help of Monkey O’s. Normally you’d have to hotbox to try and recycle smoke. However, it’ll be easier to breathe and less stinky if you use a smoke bubble to recycle your hits.

A popular way to share weed smoke is called “shotgunning.” The technique involves balling your hand into a fist with a wide enough tunnel to blow smoke from your mouth to another. In our opinion, it’d be easier and more effective to just hand over a Monkey O with a smoke filled bubble attached. It’s a good way to give a beginner a bunch of smoke at once without them having to kill their throat and lungs ripping a bong.

How To Blow Smoke Bubbles:

This is even easier than blowing rings. You’ll need a smoking device, monkey O, and monkey juice.

1. First, dip the larger end of the Monkey O into your monkey juice.

2. Next, take a nice drag of vape or smoke and put the Monkey O to your mouth.

3. Finally, slowly exhale allowing the bubble to expand and fill with smoke. You’ll need to control your breath until the bubble forms and sits at the end of the device.

From there you can decide what to do with your bubble. See how long you can keep it afloat without popping it, stack 3 bubbles and try inhaling them all at once. Whether you’re smoking or vaping, the possibilities are endless with Monkey O’s.

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