The Nova Decarboxylator Will Supercharge Your Weed

You probably already know what makes weed “potent.” The stronger cannabis strains are stronger for one simple reason. They have a higher concentration of cannabinoids, like the psychoactive THC and the medicinal CBD than their milder siblings. The sad news, however, is that most methods for ingesting cannabis aren’t 100% efficient. In other words, you never get all of the cannabinoids in your weed. And activating those cannabinoids through heating them, a process called decarboxylation often destroys them or fails to activate them altogether. Until now, that is. With Ardent’s new, sleek Nova, a precision decarboxilator, you’ll get more cannabinoids than ever before. For all intents and purposes, the Nova Decarboxylator will supercharge your weed.

The Nova Decarboxylator: Designed With Edibles In Mind

Cannachefs everywhere, rejoice. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, the Nova Decarboxylator is simply going to change your life. It supercharges your weed by making sure you get the most out of it possible.

That’s because the NOVA Decarboxylator is a precision appliance which helps you optimize cannabinoid activation and terpene preservation. The NOVA “maximizes cannabinoid availability” for smoking, vaping, and best of all, cooking.

Take a look at any recipe for weed edibles, and you’ll notice they all — or at least the good ones — call for a certain step in the process. That step is called decarboxylation, and it uses heat to convert the therapeutic cannabinoids into something your body can absorb. If you don’t decarb, eating your weed might make you feel a bit nauseous, but that’s about it. You definitely won’t get high.

The problem is that decarboxylation is typically an inefficient, lossy process. You just don’t get as much out of your weed as you could, for two reasons. First, heat is hard to apply evenly and consistently. This is true especially at low temperatures, which is exactly what you need for decarbing weed.

To be specific, THC decarboxylates after it’s exposed to about 22o°F for 45 minutes. “Full” decarb can take up to 2 hours. But if you’re a cannachef worth your salt, cannabinoids aren’t your only concern.

Terpenes Are Super-Important For Cooking Edibles

If you care about maximizing your edibles experience and supercharging your weed, you also care about the smells and tastes the cannabis imparts to your culinary masterpieces. Those aromas and flavors come from the terpenes in the cannabis buds.

Heat your weed too much, and you can easily destroy those terpenes, giving your weed a nasty flavor.When people use toaster ovens or convection ovens, it’s too easy to exceed the ideal 240°F for decarbing cannabinoids and preserving terpenes.

Go too low, trying to play it safe, and you’ll wind up leaving behind a bunch of inert cannabinoids. That’s the opposite of supercharging your herb.

The Nova Decarboxylator takes care of all of the above. It provides full activation and preserves your terpenes. The folks at Ardent obviously understand that precision decarboxylation is key for getting consistent, accurate dosing when making edibles, tinctures, or other cannabis products.

That’s a huge win for medical cannabis patients, for whom smoking or vaping herb isn’t possible or ideal. Precision decarbing means accurate dosing. Edibles with exactly the right strength. Non-decarbed weed can also irritate your digestive system, so full activation is super-important.

Nova Decarboxylator: The Full Specs

The Nova is perfect for patients or caregivers who create their edibles at home. Especially if discretion is a must because the Nova is a fully sealed unit. You won’t stink up the entire apartment complex when you cook with the Nova.

The simplicity of design and ease of use are also on point with the Nova. As is the quantity it allows you to process in one go. Depending on the leafiness and density of your nugs, the Nova can hold anywhere from a half to a full ounce of weed. If you’re processing kief, the holy grain for cannachefs, the Nova Decarboxylator can hold a whopping 5 ounces of the magic pollen.

Available for a cool $210 from the Ardent website, add a “laboratory grade” precious decarboxylator system to your home setup. Considering how much this handy gadget will supercharge your weed, the unit will virtually pay for itself after just a few uses.

" Adam Drury : Adam is a staff writer for Green Rush Daily who hails from Corvallis, Oregon. He’s an artist, musician, and higher educator with deep roots in the cannabis community. His degrees in literature and psychology drive his interest in the therapeutic use of cannabis for mind and body wellness.."