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Sava, The Etsy of Cannabis, Tailors Weed Products to Female Clientele

Sava, The Etsy of Cannabis, Tailors Weed Products to Female Clientele - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Sava, The Etsy of Cannabis, Tailors Weed Products to Female Clientele

Etsy has absolutely blown up in recent years, becoming a massive online marketplace. In particular, it’s known as one of the best places to find handmade goods from artists and craftspeople from all over the place.

Now, entrepreneur Andrea Brooks has created what she says is the Etsy of the cannabis world.

“Sava is like Etsy in that we showcase our providers and make them accessible to patients. It helps to destigmatize the products and cannabis in general,” she said in an interview with HelloMD co-founder Pamela Hadfield.

“However, we do differ from Etsy. At Sava, we carefully curate providers we showcase and allow on the site. We do significant research to learn about their sourcing and process.”

“We want high quality products, produced by people that are passionate about building their brands and helping others.”

Sava is set up more or less like other Etsy-esque virtual marketplaces. Vendors have a “storefront” where they tell their stories, talk about their backgrounds, and display their cannabis products.

Visitors to the site can then directly purchase whatever ganja goodies grab their interest.

Although Sava isn’t exclusively for women, Brooks says that she’s made efforts to tailor the site more for a female audience. Most of the vendors on Sava are women or companies led by women, and the huge majority of products sold on the site have been designed with women in mind.

“I see my target market as women over 30 who have already explored alternative health and wellness options,” Brooks told Hadfield. “They have likely tried medical cannabis—or maybe they’ve been thinking about it and they are ready to take the plunge.”

“These are women that want to continue to explore new alternatives to pain management, auto-immune challenges and dealing with PMS. This is who we are here to help.”

Currently, Sava is only available to California residents with a state-issued medical card. But as cannabis legalization continues to spread, hopefully Sava’s online market will as well.

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