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Shotka Cannabis-Flavored Vodka

Shotka Cannabis-Flavored Vodka: Flavor Without The High - Green Rush Daily


Shotka Cannabis-Flavored Vodka

Shotka will get you drunk, but it won’t get you high.

That’s because Shotka cannabis-flavored vodka is different from other marijuana-infused beverages for one simple reason: it offers the flavor of cannabis, without the THC.

While the recreational market in weed-legal places has led to nightlife hotspots offering the finest in pot-infused libations, Shotka has the advantage of being legal everywhere alcohol is sold.

Shotka cannabis vodka simply uses the unusual, earthy, and surprising flavor of cannabis, instead of infusing it with the cannabinoids THC and CBD, which are psychoactive.

Now even non-cannabis users can experiment with the unique palette of flavors offered by marijuana flowers. Cannabis is quickly becoming a popular gourmet ingredient for top chefs around the U.S., and some nutritionists are even calling it a “superfood.”

The manufacturers of the cannabis-flavored vodka describe their product as being geared toward younger clubsters and other nightlife enthusiasts.

Shotka combines the strength of vodka with “unusual” cannabis flavor. The silver opaque packaging, with a dragon motif and black and green lettering reads: “Promise you won’t shoot me down if I ask your name. Let’s dance first. Call us Mary & Jane.”

The tagline reads “Take a shot and taste the legal strangeness.”

But Shotka has some investors worried that the company may be taking too big a risk with their edgy branding and counter-cultural appeal.

Global Travel Retail Director Kevin Baker said, “there are some for whom this may be too daring and challenging as a brand concept. It creates the sense that one can take risks, be disobedient, cross the line and dare to be different.”

Shotka parties are planned mostly across Europe, but plans to roll out their cannabis-flavored vodka in the U.S. soon.

Whether mixing the earthy flavor of cannabis with bracing vodka appeals or not, there’s an undeniable cool factor to Shotka’s trippy, gunslinging promo vid, which embraces a certain David Lynch-style weirdness. Watch it below

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