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Sun Token Lets You Vape Using Direct Sunlight

Sun Token Lets You Vape Using Direct Sunlight


Sun Token Lets You Vape Using Direct Sunlight

We’ve seen lots of innovations over the last few years. But an insane new bowl called the Sun Token takes things to an entirely new level.

We’ve seen lots of innovations in cannabis smoking devices over the last few years. But an insane new bowl called the Sun Token that allows you to vape using direct sunlight is taking things to an entirely new level.

The Sun Token is the absolutely ingenious new product from a small startup wood shop in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Hector Campos, the designer and creator of each hand-crafted Sun Token bills his idea as “the world’s first solar hybrid vaporizer.”

Engineered for perfection, this handcrafted, original, and revolutionary device is going to transform the way we think about consuming cannabis fundamentally.

What Is The Sun Token?

Sun Token Lets You Vape Using Direct Sunlight

Hector Campos gorgeously crafts each Sun Token out of cherry hardwood cured in two layers of walnut oil to make it smooth to the touch. Cherry wood is a traditional hardwood that humans have used to make pipes throughout recorded history.

The rest of the pipe features a durable hard-to-break glass dome which couples to the wood body via a magnetic ring.

Additionally, Campos designed the top carb to fit bowls ranging from 14mm to 18mm in diameter. A fairly standard size. The user puffs on the Sun Token through a long glass mouthpiece linked to the wooden body.

How Does The Sun Token Solar Hybrid Pipe Work?

Sun Token Lets You Vape Using Direct Sunlight

The Sun Token works like a conventional pipe when the sun is hiding behind the clouds or below the horizon. But when the sun is out, and free from cloud cover or interference from trees or other objects, the Sun Token offers users an unparalleled smoking experience.

So how does it work? Did you ever play with a magnifying glass as a kid? Maybe to nurture the budding pyromaniac inside you? Then you already know exactly how the Sun Token works.

Using a combination of a magnifying glass and a convex glass dome, Sun Token users direct a concentrated beam of sunlight onto their freshly packed bowl. The intense beam of sunlight heats up the air in the dome, vaporizing the THC and CBD cannabinoids in the bud.

Meanwhile, the direct sunlight actually gets hot enough to combust the cannabis flower. That’s why Campos describes the Sun Token as a hybrid vaporizer.

You use solar magnification to vaporize and combust dry herb simultaneously. And you can control the ratio of combustion to vaporization by directing the magnified beam and holding it on the herb for longer or shorter periods.

The Sun Token Is A Sun Blazing Experience

Sun Token Lets You Vape Using Direct Sunlight

A truly extraterrestrial experience, the Sun Token connects cannabis smokers with nature in new, exciting ways. No one can deny that using light which has traveled 93 million miles to vaporize your weed is insanely cool.

But beyond that, Sun Token enthusiasts describe a smoking experience that’s tastier, healthier, more efficient, fun, ecological, and most of all, beautiful to behold.

Another benefit of the Sun Token system is that it allows you to smoke outside without any of the usual hassle from windy days, cold days, or lost lighters.

All you need is the sun and a magnifying glass. And on top of all that, using direct sunlight to vape your weed eliminates harmful butane and flint residues.

Ultimately, Campos explains, solar vaping is a unique experience. Especially when it comes to taste, solar vaping is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

The Final Hit

Just align the sun’s rays over the glass dome covering your bowl. Then, you’ll watch in awe as smoke begins to dance and flow around the dome. Tying your smoking experience to nature is bound to take your experience to new heights. And in fact, this special experience has an ancient tradition, according to Campos. He hopes that the ritual of being conscious of the sun while smoking cannabis will draw new fans and “solar enthusiasts” from all over the world.

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