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5 Tips For Spotting A Weed Investment Scam

5 Tips For Spotting A Weed Investment Scam


5 Tips For Spotting A Weed Investment Scam

Is a malevolent person about to play you for a fool? Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from weed investment scams.

Are you about to throw your money away on a weed investment scam? If someone has made you an offer to invest in a new cannabis company or stock, you need to do your due diligence to make sure you aren’t about to suckered into something either unsustainable or fake. Here’s how to protect yourself.

5. Do Your Research

5 Tips For Spotting A Weed Investment Scam

The first thing you need to do to spot a weed investment scam is research. This might seem obvious to some, but it’s still worth talking about. Start researching the company in question as soon as possible. And we mean thoroughly research. Visit the company’s website, for sure, but don’t stop there. Look up the company’s name and do a social media deep dive. If the company has a social media presence, this could be a positive sign. Just make sure the majority of followers are actual people–not robots.


Chloe Harper Gold

Chloé Harper Gold is a writer in New York City. In addition to cannabis, she is passionate about horror, science fiction, and feminism. You can find more of her writing on Horror Film Central, Feministing, and Twitter.

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