10 Best Places To Smoke Weed In Denver

Thinking about heading to Denver, Colorado for some much-needed R&R? Check out the best places to smoke weed in Denver.

Colorado is one of the few states where recreational weed is legal. Although it is still technically illegal to puff in public, there are still tons of places you can find to toke up. In fact, Denver is one of the most interesting places to smoke weed in the country. As proof, here are the best places to smoke weed in Denver.

10. Sancho’s Broken Arrow

If you’re one of those people that love to grab a drink at a local hole in the wall, definitely check out Sancho’s Broken Arrow.

And if you’re a Grateful Dead-head, even better. Either way, Sancho’s will bring out the hippie in anyone.

Although smoking weed is technically not permitted at Sancho’s, they are more than chill about bending the rules, as long as you keep it on the low. Definitely worth checking out and getting a little stoned.

9. El Chapultepec

El Chapultepec is a popular restaurant in downtown Denver that also doubles as a jazz club. Open seven nights a week, the restaurant serves both American and Mexican food on their trademark paper plates.

Although it’s not a certified weed-smoking lounge, the owners are known to be pretty lax when it comes to puffing.

As long as you show a little discretion, you should be able to get away with it while watching the live music.

8. iBake Denver

iBake Denver is actually the first social club EVER to allow legal weed smoking. You have to be 21 or older to enter, and the cost is either $10.00 a month or $2.00 a day.

But it’s worth every penny, as there are TVs, video games, movies, and a ton of fellow weed enthusiasts. It’s definitely a must-visit if you are ever in Colorado.

7. Club 64


Club 64 is a members-only cannabis club that is well worth the investment.

With weekly scheduled events, private locations for members to hang out, and VIP weed tours, there’s no shortage of weed-centric events to entertain you while you’re smoking or vaping.

6. Confluence Park

If you’re more into smoking outdoors, you may want to check out Confluence Park.

Surrounding the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River in Denver’s Lower Downtown, Confluence Park is one of the best venues for free outdoor fun.

With a kayak run, as well as bike and hiking trails, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities at your disposal.

Although public smoking is not technically allowed in Denver, there are more than enough spots to get your weed fix while you’re relaxing at Confluence Park.

5. City Park

City Park is another cool outdoor spot to toke up. The urban park has a bunch of cool high activities at your disposal, with venues like the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and the City Park Golf Course.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, but also likes structured activities, find a quiet and relatively private place for a low-key, relaxing smoke on the low at City Park.

4. Red Rocks Amphitheatre

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is without a doubt one of the best places to smoke weed in Denver.

Technically, it’s ten miles west of Denver, but it’s close enough—and amazing enough—to include in this list.

The venue has a huge calendar of live music performances and film screenings. In fact, Red Rocks is one of the most famous outdoor venues in the U.S.

The rock structure itself is truly a sight to be seen, and it’s better appreciated under the influence of a certain green plant.

You’re definitely going to want to check this place out if you like weed and music.

3. Summit Recreational Retreat


The Summit Recreational Retreat is a souped-up cannabis retreat, fit for any level of weed enthusiasts. You can choose to stay for just the day, or at an overnight master suite and bath.

There’s a bunch of different packages to choose from, and there’s a Cannabis Concierge to help you on your weed journey.

Whether you’re checking out the Cannabis Spa, or taking a crash course Cannabis 101, there’s no shortage of weed excursions for you at the Summit Recreational Retreat.

2. Adagio Bud and Breakfast


Adagio Bud and Breakfast is the cannabis version of your typical bed and breakfast, so it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

With amenities like a wake and bake cannabis sampler, a 4:20 happy hour, and nightly milk and cookies, cannabis lovers will instantly fall in love.

Bud and breakfasts like this are some of the best places to smoke weed in Denver.

1. Studio 420

Studio 420 is a weed-friendly pipe and tobacco shop in downtown Denver. It’s a mom-and-pop shop that sells plenty of cool paraphernalia.

But the best part of the store is the secret back room, where smoking weed is the norm. Complete with dab rigs, TV, bongs, snacks, and ice cream, you can get the ultimate weed experience in the back room of Studio 420.

Without a doubt, Studio 420 is one of the best places to smoke weed in Denver.

Final Hit: Best Places To Smoke Weed In Denver

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Denver, or if you live in the area, make sure you try to stop by a couple of the smoke spots listed above. These are some of the best places to smoke in Denver.

As one of the only places in America where you can smoke weed with almost no consequence, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try to get the most out of your Colorado excursion—one puff at a time.

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