10 Best Places To Smoke Weed In New York City

The weed vans in NYC might not be legit, but there are plenty of places in the city to light up. Here are some of the best places to smoke weed in New York City.

So, what are the best places to smoke weed in New York City? Maybe the so-called weed vans in NYC are more or less bunk, but whether you’re a lifelong New Yorker or a tourist passing through, this guide will show you the best New York has to offer—while you’re on an entirely different trip.

10. The Bathroom at Continental Bar

According to The Village Voice, it’s convenient to toke in the bathroom at Continental Bar for one singularly unpleasant reason: the smell from the backed-up toilets.

But if you’re in a situation where desperate times call for desperate measures, you might want to take the plunge. And maybe a plunger.

9. Le Bain at the Standard

If you’re feeling like doing it up for a classy night out, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your one hitter at home.

Located in The Standard (a well-known, swanky hotel in the Meatpacking District, for you non-New Yorkers), Le Bain’s website describes this exclusive club as a “penthouse discothèque and rooftop bar.”

A noted celebrity-sighting hotspot, Le Bain is also known for another thing: It’s a great place to smoke weed.

Covered with fancy Astroturf and a pool in the summer, it’s one of the classier, best places to smoke weed in NYC, even if it is a bit pricey. And as a bonus, you can more or less walk right there from our next pick on the list…

8. The High Line

A relatively new addition to NYC’s must-see spots, the High Line is basically the city’s park of the future.

A 1.45 mile-long elevated promenade that winds through the city’s skyscrapers for 1.45 miles, the High Line provides an excellent panorama of the Big Apple with plenty of lawn to lie on.

Just be careful where you smoke—the walkway has a lot of foot traffic. Then again, who can resist the idea of actually getting high on the High Line?

7. Christopher Street Pier

Located on Manhattan’s west side, the Christopher Street Pier offers a unique view of the city’s skyline and the calming ripple of the Hudson River.

Historically, the pier has a reputation as a spot for members of the LGBTQ community to congregate, so if you’re queer and want to chill amongst your peeps, this might be the place for you.

It tends to be crowded during the day, so the Pier might be better for an evening smoke.

6. Smoking Area Outside the Bowery Ballroom

This one is another Village Voice tip. If you’re a fan of mixing your magic smoke with music, this NYC landmark venue might be the spot you’ve been looking for.

And even though the Bowery Ballroom has a strict no re-entry policy, it doesn’t apply to their outdoor smoking section.

So book your ticket for your favorite band—like any major act, they’ll probably play there at some point—and get ready for the night of your life.

5. Green-Wood Cemetery

While it might seem a tad creepy to toke up in a graveyard, hear us out. Built in 1838, this Brooklyn-based cemetery was designed as both a burying ground and a garden park, making it a great place to smoke if you want some exquisite scenery for ambiance.

It’s a great locale for history nerds, too. You can find the graves of famous New Yorkers like gangster William “Bill the Butcher” Poole, who was made famous by Martin Scorcese’s movie “Gangs of New York.”

Composer Leonard Bernstein and artist Jean-Michel Basquiat are also buried there. But remember: Green-Wood closes at 7 p.m. every day, so if you lose track of time, you could find yourself locked in for the night.

Even if you’re inclined to get the spooks, this is one of the best places to smoke weed in New York City.

4. Williamsburg Bridge

It might not be as pretty as the Brooklyn Bridge, but the just-as-famous Williamsburg Bridge has its own set of charms.

According to who you ask, the WB has one of the best views of the city. If you’re in the mood for an energizing smoke and a walk, this is the place to do it.

And if you feel like another joint later on, anywhere along the East River in Williamsburg is pretty legit.

3. Jacob Riis Beach

While NYC beaches like Coney Island and Brighton Beach might get more lip service, Jacob Riis is one of the better-kept secrets the boroughs have to offer if you like soaking up the sun at the beach.

While it’s a bit of a trek if you’re banking on public transit, it’s definitely worth it. It’s a bit more secluded than its more famous counterparts, which means it’s easier to get away with smoking some flower.

And the gourmet food trucks that congregate at the beach’s entrance are perfect if you’re feeling the munchies.

Even though this spot is really only accessible during the summer, it’s still one of the best places to smoke weed in New York City. (Or Queens, if you’re being picky about it.)

2. Prospect Park

It’s difficult to pick one particular place as the best smoke spot in Prospect Park, located in Brooklyn, if only because there’s seriously something for everyone here.

For example, the somewhat secluded Ravine, while a bit marshy, is great for a short hike. It’s also a great winter smoke spot if you want to smoke outdoors and can stand the cold.

Similarly, The Litchfield Villa is great if you’re in a more contemplative mood and want to admire some pretty flowers while smoking some flower.

Finally, there’s nothing like getting high and going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, even if it costs a few bucks. Just remember to look out for park rangers.

1. The Ramble in Central Park

Go for the weed, stay for the view. If you want to walk around nature while smoking—well, nature—this 38-acre stretch of woodlands riddled with trails and streams is perfect if you want to puff in peace.

A lot of the paths lead back to the iconic and majestic Bethesda Fountain pavilion, so we suggest ending your high there to heighten the experience.

Final Hit: The Best Places to Smoke Weed in New York City

So there you have it, the best places to smoke weed in New York City. Just remember, always be aware of your surroundings before you decide to smoke.

Good judgment is your best friend. Watch out for cops. Be discreet. And always smoke on a one-way street so that you can see who or what is coming toward you.

Remember that many parks have cameras, so make sure to avoid them. Simply put, be smart about it and you’ll be able to fully enjoy the best places to smoke weed in New York City.

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