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10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York


10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Are you a weed smoker on the hunt for the best smoke shops in New York? We’re here to help.

The best smoke shops in New York have a wide variety of products for weed smokers, knowledgeable employees, and fair prices. There are tons of smoke shops in New York but only a select few shine. A great shop will have everything from highest-end products to the most affordable ones and someone to explain the differences to you. We did some research and visited a few spots to find the best smoke shops in New York.

10. King Of Smoke

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Kings of Smoke, located in NYC, is a narrow smoke shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for quality American glass, vaporizers, e-nails, e-liquids, or something more affordable they have it all. They have a huge selection of storage containers, grinders, rolling papers, and more.

9. iVape

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Until recently, the smoke shops in St. Mark’s neighborhood of New York City only had the cheapest China-made glass pieces. The same stuff you’d find at gas stations, but they were selling them at a higher markup.

But now, iVape is bringing quality American-built glass to the neighborhood. They have American quartz nails for cannabis concentrates, custom pieces made by professional glass blowers, and plenty more.

You can find most of your vape and smoking supplies at iVape. Celebrity stoner Seth Rogen has even been spotted shopping at iVape recently.

8. Daze NY

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Daze NY, in Baldwin, New York, is a great shop for lovers of glass art and vaporizers. They have a wide range of vapor products, tapestries, gas masks, and everything else you’d expect from a head shop.

They’ve got affordable options as well as one of a kind glass masterpieces to add to your collection. They also have a tasting lounge for fans of e-liquid vaporizers.

7. Third Eye Smoke Shop

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Westbury, New York’s Third Eye Smoke Shop is a spot with a focus on artistic glass. They carry the work of up and coming artists as well as legends that have been in the game from the beginning.

On top of the quality glass, all your smoking accessories should be available here. They also have CBD products that don’t require a medical marijuana card to purchase. They stay up to date with the latest glass innovations.

6. The Boro Room

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Hauppauge, New York is home to The Boro Room. This is one of the smaller shops on our list, but they have a lot of good quality glass and smoking accessories for such a small space.

You can even see the owners own collection of glass art in a separate case. The prices are affordable compared to other New York smoke shops. You can find just about any smoking device or accessory at the Boro Room.

5. Utopia

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Utopia is a smoke shop in Long Island, New York with two locations. One of their locations was moved and turned into a glass gallery.

Walking into the gallery feels more like you’re walking through a museum than a smoke shop. They have some extremely expensive pieces on display, and they’re willing to haggle on most things. But before haggling, the prices are high.

There aren’t many options for someone looking for quality that won’t break the bank. There’s plenty of cheap and expensive options but not much in between. There are other shops on Long Island where you can find the same products at a lesser price without haggling.

4. NY Gifts Glass

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

NY Gifts Glass is one of the first smoke shops in the state to carry functional glass art. To this day, they carry a wide variety of custom pieces by different popular glass artists.

They also carry the best bong brands if you’re more concerned with function than appearances. If you’re looking for a shop in NYC with a quality selection of glass, this is your spot.

3. Gotham

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Gotham Smoke has two locations on Long Island, New York. One in Huntington at the center of the island and one in Middle Island, further east. They have one of the widest selections of any smoke shop in New York.

In fact, you may very well feel overwhelmed by the number of options you have to choose from. You may lose an hour walking around to see everything the shop has to offer.

The Huntington location has some functional glass art by legendary artists like Joe P. They also have some of the lowest prices in New York when it comes to e-liquids and glass.

You won’t need to haggle to get a fair price here. If you’re looking for a wide selection, knowledgeable staff, and fair prices, Gotham is one of the best smoke shops in New York.

2. Boro Brothers

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Boro Brothers is a fairly new smoke shop in New York with a focus on high-end glass. Three friends with a love for glass art got together to create a gallery where the work of their favorite artists could be appreciated.

They have expensive collections of their own and are extremely knowledgeable on all things glass. Even though they aren’t related, the bond they share through borosilicate glass is so strong they came up with the name Boro Brothers.

Stop by to see some of the finest glass New York has to offer. They carry functional glass art as well as non-functional glass art like pendants.

1. Burn

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

Burn is located in Wantagh, NY. They are a smoke shop and glass art gallery for the modern smoker. You can get everything you would need to smoke or vape with at Burn.

They definitely have the largest selection of custom and award-winning pieces we’ve seen in the state. They are one of the oldest and best smoke shops in New York.

Even if you don’t end up finding something you want to buy it’s a great place to check out glass art. Their prices are a little higher than some of the other shops but not by much, and you can haggle on some of the more expensive items.

Final Hit: Best Smoke Shops In New York

10 Best Smoke Shops In New York

The best smoke shops in New York depend on what you’re looking for. There are so many corner stores that sell over-priced rolling papers, China glass, and vapes in New York. The smoke shops on our list have a lot more to offer.

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