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Driving Tour of Colorado’s Cannabis Cuisine

Driving Tour of Colorado's Cannabis Restaurants


Driving Tour of Colorado’s Cannabis Cuisine

Get High With Cannabis Cuisine

The trend of infusing fine cuisine with cannabis is steadily making its way into restaurants around Colorado. In November 2016, Denver became the first Colorado city to allow marijuana use in bars and restaurants. Initiative 300 attempts to remedy the gray areas of marijuana consumption in the state. Since 2014, people over 21 could legally purchase cannabis from dispensaries around Colorado. The law limits consumption to private areas, such as homes. The new proposition would allow for public indoor spaces to consume edibles and few outdoor areas for smoking. This is wonderful news for tourists unable to access a private place for smoking marijuana legally.

The rules concerning the public use of marijuana are still uncertain. With Initiative 300, some restaurants can attain a permit for BYOW (bring-your-own-weed) as well as on-site marijuana use. The initiative is expected to boost tourism revenue substantially. However, cannabis cuisine remains largely privatized in Colorado. This includes hiring chefs that explore marijuana flavors in fine-dining or purchasing private memberships to marijuana clubs. So how can the average tourist experience Colorful Colorado in all its colors? Here are a few places to get two of the greatest joys in life: food and weed.


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