The Cannabis Version Of Airbnb Has Locations Worldwide

Get stoned all over the world.

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We’ve all heard of Airbnb—an online hospitality service that allows clients to rent or lease lodging around the world, but have you heard of their cannabis competitor? Bud and Breakfast is essentially the cannabis version of Airbnb, and it’s geared towards legal weed smokers looking for a place to toke up and relax.

Bud and Breakfast

According to the site, is marketing itself as “the largest collection of marijuana-friendly hotels and other cannabis-friendly rentals anywhere on the web.”

The website, which originated in the US after states like Colorado, Washington and California, legalized cannabis for recreational purposes. Since then, the website has evolved into a worldwide-business, with lodges springing up in places like Europe, the Caribbean and South America.

As it stands, weed-legal states do not allow for public consumption. Additionally, cannabis cafe’s and social consumption lounges remain few and far between. In fact, Colorado has only issued two social consumption licenses so far—one for a traditional cannabis cafe, and one for a cannabis gaming lounge.

Sean Roby, the founder of, says the main goal of his website is to help find tourists a safe haven to smoke their legal marijuana, without running the risk of getting into any trouble.

“A lot of people would come to Colorado, go to a dispensary, buy some herb and then go out on the street and smoke,” Roby said to The Guardian back in May. “That is not legal. We want to provide safe and legal accommodations for people to have an alternative.”

Logistically, operates nearly the same as Airbnb. Like the online-based hospitality service, allows property owners to rent out their locations on their own accord. This according to the website, is essentially “guaranteeing a custom experience unlike any other.”

“Each of the 420-friendly rentals will have their own set of house rules so be sure to pay extra attention,” the website warns.

Despite it’s similarities to the rental-home tyrant, Roby doesn’t think the two businesses are necessarily competitors. He believes that his own company is niche enough to not undercut a large company like Airbnb.

“Airbnb is a huge company. They list every accommodation from a castle to a tent,” he said. “We want to list every accommodation from a castle to a tent as well but it’s going to be cannabis-specific.”

The Cannabis Version Of Airbnb Isn’t Just For Stoners

According to Roby, his business model appeals to all groups of cannabis consumers in today’s legal landscape. In fact, he said most of the renters so far have not been under the traditional ‘stoner’ mold.

“I don’t really see too many people who are coming into our accommodations who are the traditional stoner, deadhead, hippie mentality,” he said. “We’re looking at professional people that are coming in for a corporate event that want to have a place to go and relax afterwards, and that’s our clientele.”

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