Cypress Hill Drop Weed Strains to Pair With Their New Album

Two strains and a pack of marijuana cigarettes to pair with their trippy new album.

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Cypress Hill remains one of the most influential Hip-Hop groups of the last couple of decades, but their impact goes far beyond just the music industry—the group has been a staunch advocate for legal cannabis for quite some time.

You know, before it was cool.

Now, the group is making history by releasing weed products alongside their latest album!

As Cypress Hill gets set to debut it’s much-anticipated album Elephants on Acid, the legendary group has teamed up with the Bhang Corporation—an award-winning cannabis company—to develop a couple of new cannabis products to pair with their latest studio album.

Cypress Hill to Release Weed Strains Alongside Elephants on Acid

The smell in the air at any music festival should clue you in on the fact that music and weed go hand-in-hand.

A major cannabis brand and an iconic hip hop group to the cannabis community are coming together, according to a press release from the Bhang Corporation. The company will be releasing two limited edition cannabis product under a joint venture with Cypress Hill in honor of their new album.

One of the items is a  1/4 oz) skull jar with the “iconic” Cypress Hill bucket hat. The jars, which also appear in the recently-released Cypress Hill video, “Crazy,” are allegedly a part of the long-standing “Legend of the Crystal Skulls” mythos.

Cypress Hill’s own DJ Muggs explained the legend and how it relates to the burgeoning partnership with Bhang.

“Legend has it crystal skulls are a form of computer which are able to recognize energy and vibrations that occur around them,” he said. “The skulls have the ability to pictorially replay all events or images of the people who have come in contact with them (i.e. they contain the history of our world). Based on this legend, Cypress Hill and Bhang joined forces to create CHB.”

Two Strains to Choose From

The CHB skulls will also come with your choice of Cherry Bomb or Zookies strains—two types of marijuana said to enhance creativity and relaxation.

You’ll want to reach for your Cherry Bomb skull if you’re looking for a blast to yours. It’s the perfect strain to listen to the album while on the move or putting in work. You’ll be alert and ready to take on the day.

On top of being tasty, the Zookies strain is great for sedation. If you’re trying to sink into the couch while you listen to the album, the Zookies skull is the move.

The second product is an old-school cassette tape stash box containing 6 Premium Pre-rolls. Each joint will contain approximately 0.6 grams of Mendo Breath, a top-shelf strain of indica cannabis. Patrons can choose between a classic-looking tape recorder stash box or a rare design that pays homage to the new Elephants on Acid album.

Bhang’s CEO, Scott Van Rixel, expressed his excitement about teaming up with the legendary Cypress Hill. Their name, he says, has been synonymous with cannabis, so the pairing came naturally.

“We are proud of the Bhang-Cypress Hill collaboration. It has successfully resulted in products that reflect the band’s identity and vision,” Van Rixel said. “Every other week some group or entertainer approached Bhang wanting to license themselves and it was the same story, wanting us to give them money to use their name. Cypress Hill’s cannabis agent came to us with a different approach, however. They wanted to be instrumental in the creative process and wanted the products to be dope (no pun intended). The results speak for themselves.”

According to the release, products will be available for sale on starting 9/30/18. Cypress Hill’s own B-Real, who recently opened his own dispensary, Dr. Greenthumb, will also be selling the products at his shop in Sylmar, Los Angeles.

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