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NugBox, Customizable Joints and Edibles Delivered To Your Door

NugBox, Customizable Joints and Edibles Delivered To Your Door


NugBox, Customizable Joints and Edibles Delivered To Your Door

The geniuses behind NugRun have found a brilliant way to use California’s medical marijuana laws to create a new way for cannabis patients to purchase and enjoy custom cannabis products delivered right to their door. They call it NugBox, and it’s an entirely customizable box of pre-rolled joints and cannabis-infused candies. But this isn’t just any cannabis.

Taking an artisanal approach, NugBox offers select, expertly curated cannabis strains. Customers get high-quality, superb cannabis with the convenience of home delivery.

When ordering a NugBox, customers can choose between an eighth of ultra-dank cannabis, a vile of cannabis concentrate, or a set of infused edibles.

But let’s be real. NugBox isn’t for your average cannabis consumer. Instead, it’s designed for the cannabis connoisseurs. Smokers who know their strains, and how to appreciate the subtle flavors, textures, and effects of curated cannabis.

The NugBox not only provides cannabis to your front door in a stylish box, but it also cultivates an elite marijuana experience by pairing certain strains with complementary terpene profiles.

Nugbox allows users to experience the most flavorful types of cannabis strains.

If that sounds like you, you’re probably hoping online to order your NugBox now, but you realize you need a medical marijuana card! No sweat, NugRun provides an exclusive service that allows clients to get their license through a simple video call.

NugRun is partnering with HelloMD. They’re the leading online platform for getting a medical marijuana card. All you have to do is fill out a short form, take a quick video interview, and start ordering your NugBoxes!

“The average wait-time to see a doctor is 8 minutes,” says the HelloMD website. “The average doctor consultation takes 10 minutes. The entire process, from medical records to recommendation takes 20 minutes.”

Head’s up though: currently, the company will only deliver a NugBox to your house three times a month.

Think of the NugBox as the NatureBox for “weedies.” Foodies loved NatureBox because it provided curated snack boxes that made taste buds scream with excitement every time the stylish box showed up on the doorstep.

NugRun is attempting to capture the same market.

NugBox, Customizable Joints and Edibles Delivered To Your Door

With the potential for growth in the legal cannabis industry skyrocketing, startups are competing to see who can take their idea to the market in the least amount of time.

And since the federal government remains undecided about how to state legalization of cannabis, entrepreneurs have hit the ground running in hopes of making their mark in the business before a new law pulls the rug out from under them.

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