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7 Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

7 Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly


7 Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

4. Vaporize

Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

Smoke and stealth don’t go well together unless you’re a ninja trying to make his escape. In the world of cannabis, however, smoking flower is the least discreet method of consumption. That’s where vaporizers can help. Vapes come in all shapes and sizes nowadays.

There are vape pens, dry herb vaporizers, and cartridge pens. All have varying levels of stealth. Vape pens are usually used for concentrate, but there are some bulky ones like the Grasshopper which can handle dry herbs. We recommend a concentrate vaporizer for additional discretion. Concentrates tend to smell less than weed flowers.

If all you have access to is cannabis in flower form, you still have dry herb vaporizers to turn to for discretion. A dry herb vape will still smell, but the smell won’t linger for as long as it would with smoke. It’s like farting in a car with the windows up. Sure it stinks, but if you roll the window down, you’ll be breathing easy in a minute.

Vaporizing dry herbs is similar. It’s not scent proof, but you can get away with vaporizing pretty much anywhere you could get away with farting and not get caught.

The stealthiest vaporizer goes to the pens with THC cartridges attached to the 510 thread. You can take a quick toke of your cartridge pen walking down the street and quickly tuck it away. The smell tends to be a lot less intense or non-existent depending on your vape cartridge.

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