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FedEx Truck Delivers Weed To Home During Drug Bust

FedEx Truck Delivers Weed To Home During Drug Bust


FedEx Truck Delivers Weed To Home During Drug Bust

FedEx Truck delivers weed to home during drug bust. It’s not a joke. This actually happened this week in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

No one here can ever complain about bad luck again because we just heard that a FedEx truck delivers weed to home during drug bust. It may sound like something out of a stoner comedy, but we can assure you that this story is 100% true.

Bad Timing

FedEx Truck Delivers Weed To Home During Drug Bust

Tulsa Police Department

This past Tuesday, a thirty-five-year-old Oklahoma man by the name of Dustin Drank found himself in the middle of a substantial drug bust. The bust took place in the city of Tulsa. According to sources, two separate homes right next to each other were searched. In total, the police found a grand total of seventy-six pounds of cannabis and $19,000 in cash. The police say that the cash was from drug-related transactions.

During the raid, which took place in the morning, a FedEx truck pulled up to Dustin Drank’s house with some packages. When the police searched the boxes, they discovered– you guessed it– more weed. Talk about bad timing.

Drank was promptly arrested. He is being held on a $30,000 bond. This is not the first time Drank has had run-ins with Oklahoma law enforcement. In 2013, he was involved in another drug bust. That time, he was found with only two pounds of weed, which had an estimated worth of $8,000. Before Tuesday morning’s raid, he probably thought he was moving up in the world of weed dealers.

To combat the headline “FedEx Truck Delivers Weed To Home During Drug Bust”, FedEx doubled down on damage control. Understandably, the long-standing company doesn’t want to be associated with illicit activities like drug trafficking. They delivered a statement saying that they are “cooperating with authorities” and doing all that they can do to help them in the investigation. They stressed that they do not condone this kind of illegal behavior, especially when it uses their service.

We get it, FedEx. It’s not your fault.

Weed in Oklahoma

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, this isn’t the first time someone in Oklahoma was arrested for using a postal service to get a dank delivery. In 2015, William C. Garbe found himself in hot water after almost eight pounds of cannabis was delivered to his home. United States Postal Service was the channel for that particular delivery.

Experts are saying that much of the cannabis in Oklahoma is smuggled from Colorado, which has legal weed. Incidentally, Oklahoma is one of the worst states to be caught with drugs. The state’s rigid drug policy considers any amount of cannabis illegal. Getting caught with it can get you a fine and possible jail time.

Final Hit: FedEx Truck Delivers Weed To Home During Drug Bust

The circumstances of this drug bust gone crazy may seem funny. But it should be seen as a sobering reminder of our country’s drug laws. Because cannabis remains federally illegal and prohibited in most states, people need to rely on crime to obtain it for whatever reason they use it. If lawmakers and politicians want to reduce the number of drug busts they spend money on, the logical step would be to legalize, or at least decriminalize, weed. Then, they would be able to direct the city’s funds to more important causes.

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