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Will Canada Sell Pot in State-Run Liquor Stores?

Will Canada Sell Pot in State-Run Liquor Stores? - GREEN RUSH DAILY

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Will Canada Sell Pot in State-Run Liquor Stores?

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presses ahead with his plan to legalize marijuana, people are starting to talk about the types of places where pot might be sold.

Trudeau has already voiced opposition to the idea of allowing convenience stores to sell cannabis, but the idea of allowing state-run liquor stores to sell marijuana is starting to gain momentum.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is now making a bid for the federal government to allow LCBO liquor stores to sell pot once it becomes legal.

LCBO stands for Liquor Control Board of Ontario. The entity runs a chain of liquor and beer stores throughout Ontario.


“I don’t know what the timeline is with the federal government but it seems to me that using that distribution network of the LCBO—as has been talked about, I think, in other provinces, using their provincial institutions—I think that that makes a lot of sense,” Wynne said in an article published by CTV News Ottawa.

According to the news source, there are more than 600 LCBO outlets operating throughout Ontario, generating billions of dollars every year for the province.

Immediately after Wynne backed the idea of allowing LCBO stores to sell marijuana, people began speaking out in opposition to the proposal.

Derek Ogden, who runs a medical marijuana clinic in Ottawa, “points out that drinkers and marijuana users are often two separate groups,” the article said.


“He says selling booze and pot under the same roof might encourage more people, especially inexperienced users, to combine the two. That could lead to people becoming more intoxicated than they realize.”

“You can have very unpredictable outcomes,” Ogden said. “In fact it can lead much more easily to alcohol-induced deaths. So we don’t see that as a very good fit.”

Ogden said that deciding where pot can be sold is an important component of the legalization process, and urged the government to think slowly and carefully about the decision.

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Nick Lindsey

Nick is a Green Rush Daily staff writer from Fort Collins, Colorado. He has been at the epicenter of the cannabis boom from the beginning. He holds a Masters in English Literature and a Ph.D. in cannabis (figuratively of course).

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