Does Weed Affect Women Different Than Men?

Women Experience Weed Different Than Men

In recent years, scientists applied gender as a factor when studying the effects of marijuana on humans. As a result, studies show cannabis does indeed affect women different than men. Between men and women using marijuana, there are many factors to consider, such as its effects on pain treatment, mood disorders, addiction, and even brain receptors. Here are five ways women feel the effects of marijuana different than men.

1. Women Tolerate THC Quicker Than Men

A study conducted on rats showed that females tolerated the same dosage as males much quicker. Scientists have yet to confirm their finding on human subjects. However, if their findings are true, then women adapt to THC faster than men. While this sounds like women can handle their high better than men, it is not necessarily a good thing. Because of their quick tolerance to marijuana, women are more likely to experience negative side effects when withdrawing from the drug. When a tolerant woman stops smoking cannabis, she will experience more sleep disruption, lack of appetite, and irritability.


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