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These Weed Crowns Are Your Key To “High” Fashion This Summer

These Weed Crowns Are Your Key To "High" Fashion This Summer


These Weed Crowns Are Your Key To “High” Fashion This Summer

Summertime is almost upon us, which means soon it will be time to ditch the down coats and scarves and bring your light and airy clothes out to play. And this summer, you can add a new cannabis-themed twist to your wardrobe: weed crowns. These accessories take “high” fashion to a whole new level.

Weed Crowns: Fashion Fit For A Queen

Just in time for Coachella, Lowell Herb Co. has created an incredible crown made out of equally incredible cannabis flowers. The company’s latest creation is a unique offering that follows in the footsteps of their popular weed bouquets and other decorative bud offerings.

Quality weed and flower crowns? They must have read the minds of every summer festivalgoer. It is certainly the key to “high” fashion this summer!

my flower crown is prettier than yours ?? @lowellherbco killing it this year w/ the weed flower crowns for #coachella ?? shot by the amazing @milloux.jpg

A post shared by ☽ Kelly Moon ☾ (@yourmoonbaby) on

Model Kelly Moon showed off the company’s new crown in a gorgeous editorial shot that she shared on her Instagram. “My flower crown is prettier than yours,” she captioned the photo. “@lowellherbco killing it this year w/ the weed flower crowns for #coachella shot by the amazing @milloux.jpg.”

Fans were delighted to see that Lowell Herb Co. knows a thing or two about good marketing. Selling the crown complete with a pack of smokes is downright ingenious, and will probably end up on nearly every music festival fan’s “to buy” list this year.

So, how do you get your hands on a crown? Unfortunately, right now they are only available to California residents (or visitors) at the Palm Springs Safe Access dispensary, a special bonus item for medical marijuana patients who order the “The Coachella Blend” online for $55.

We cannot wait to see which weed-loving celebrities end up sporting these weed crowns at summer festivals and fashion shows. If the likes of Miley Cyrus or Rihanna end up wearing one out in public, it will be a wrap. These bad girls will get snatched up lightning fast, and just might become the next cannabis fashion staple for women.

Weed Fashion

These weed crowns aren’t the first time fashion-minded weed fans have found a way to combine cannabis and style. In fact, people have come up with some ingenious weed-themed clothes and accessories in recent years.

There are clothes designed to help keep your smoking activity discreet when you’re on-the-go. Similarly, designers and weed companies have invented weed hoodies, weed wallets, and much more.

When it comes to women-specific fashion, companies like Annabis sell handbags designed to hide the smell of your ganja. Even with all these cannabis fashion options already on the market, we do not think we have ever seen a weed flower crown before. Since the marketing from Lowell is strong so far, we expect to see quite a few Coachella-goers sporting them in the coming months.

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