Tech Companies Are The Key To Navigating New Cannabis Industry

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, cannabis tech companies like Weed Finder are stepping up to play some important roles in the entire process.

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The Big Picture

Legalization is moving us into a brave new world of cannabis consumption. Instead of relying on black market dealers, cannabis users in more and more places are now getting their supplies directly from legal dispensaries. And as marijuana becomes more mainstream, cannabis tech companies like Weed Finder are stepping up to play some important roles in the entire process.


How Tech Companies Are Changing The Game

One of the biggest ways tech companies are changing the cannabis game is by facilitating the entire process of planting, growing, producing, shipping, and selling cannabis and cannabis products.

For example, finances are one important aspect of this process. Since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, most banks don’t want to do business with companies that produce or sell weed. As a result, many dispensaries and other cannabis companies have to operate as cash-only businesses. And that leaves them vulnerable in all sorts of ways. But a handful of tech companies have started coming up with creative solutions including everything from in-store kiosks to creating digital methods to track and monitor pot products from seed to point of sale.

Beyond that, tech companies also play a huge role in linking consumers with cannabis companies. Take Weed Finder for example. Weed Finder is an online platform that helps connect cannabis companies and cannabis consumers.

The site gives cannabis companies a direct way to contact potential customers. At the same time, it also gives customers a way to find their local cannabis company. If you’re looking for a nearby dispensary, just click on your state on the searchable map. From there, you can refine your search until you find the perfect dispensary.

But Weed Finder doesn’t stop there. If you need a medical card, you can use the site to find local doctors. You can also find places to source extracts, lawyers who specialize in cannabis law, cannabis clothing and accessories, and pretty much anything else cannabis related.

Tech Companies Keep The Cannabis Community Informed

Along with facilitating the business activities of growers, producers, and sellers, as well as helping cannabis companies connect with their customers, cannabis tech companies are also helping to keep the cannabis community informed.

Weed Finder is a good example of how many companies are approaching this. In addition to its other functions, the site also features a blog called Weed Reader. This blog keeps the cannabis community up-to-date, with content covering everything from the Most Popular Strains to quotes about cannabis to politics, cultural news, and everything in between.


What All This Means For The World Of Cannabis

The presence of new tech-based cannabis companies like Weed Finder is a strong indicator of how mainstream cannabis is becoming. Instead of scoring weed on the sly from dealers, more and more people are now getting their cannabis from trusted and regulated growers, producers, and dispensaries.

Tech companies are entering the legal cannabis industry to help facilitate this move into the mainstream. They do this by providing platforms to help producers and sellers track their products from seed to point of sale, by helping cannabis companies, and consumers connect online, and by keeping the broad cannabis community up to date with news, reviews, and commentary.

All this activity should help the legal cannabis industry continue its explosive growth. Experts estimate that the industry brought in somewhere around $5.4 billion last year. And analysts predict that it’s on pace to break $22 billion by 2020.

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