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Israeli Company Partners With Rappers To Market Automatic Grow Box

Israeli Company Partners With Rappers To Market Automatic Grow Box
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Israeli Company Partners With Rappers To Market Automatic Grow Box

Seedo will be partnering with Interscope rappers to promote their automatic grow box.

Seedo, the maker of an innovative new automatic grow box, are prepping to launch what sounds like a massive marketing campaign. The Israel-based company has already been attracting a lot of attention throughout the cannabis world. And now, they are working out deals to partner with hip hop artists to launch a new promotional campaign.

Seedo: The Automatic Grow Box

The makers of the Seedo have created a self-contained, automatic grow box. It uses a number of technologies to monitor the growth of plants. Most interestingly, the Seedo uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make ongoing adjustments to the growing environment to maximize plant health and yield.

From the outside, the Seedo looks something like a mini refrigerator. To use the device, you simply place your plant inside the box and close the door.

The sealed-off cube helps create the ideal growing environment. For starters, the closed box design makes it very hard for pests or pathogens to get in. And for cannabis growers, that means you don’t need to worry about using harmful pesticides or fungicides.

Once your plant is inside, it receives clean air by way of the built-in ventilation system. Similarly, the automatic grow box features a bunch of lights to ensure your plant gets the right amount and the right type of light.

So far, these features are fairly standard for grow boxes. But here’s where the Seedo goes into some new territory.

The grow box also has cameras that snap a shot of your plants every few hours. These images are uploaded to the main Seedo system, where they are analyzed by a complex algorithm.

Seedo’s AI program gauges the status and health of the plant. As needed, it directs the automatic grow box to make adjustments. This could include changing the temperature, light, or air ventilation.

According to the makers of Seedo, the box’s AI-enabled automatic grow box creates the perfect growing condition for all sorts of plants, including cannabis.

Seedo Teaming Up With Rappers

Word of the Seedo has already been spreading. In fact, the company told Israeli news sources that they’ve already sold 3,500 boxes.

But in the very near future, the world might be hearing a whole lot more about the Seedo automatic grow box. That’s because the company is reportedly teaming up with rappers to launch a new promotional campaign.

At this point, Seedo hasn’t said which artists they will partner with. But they did say that they’ve been talking with Interscope Records, which is home to hip-hop artists including Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamark, Kamaiyah, Machine Gun Kelly, Rae Sremmurd, and many more.

Which Rapper Will Work With Seedo?

Although it’s not clear which rapper will start promoting the Seedo, there are plenty of possibilities. Whoever they end up working with, it won’t be Seedo’s first big partnership.

The company has reportedly signed a deal with a U.S.-based cannabis company to bring the product to medical marijuana patients who want to grow their own cannabis.

Similarly, Seedo is apparently exploring partnerships in Canada, where weed will become legal on October 17.

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