CBD Strains: Unlock Weed’s Medicinal Powers With These Potent Strains

Cannabidiol is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis. Usually known simply as CBD, this chemical provides many medicinal benefits, which is why it is generally considered one of the most important cannabinoids created by the cannabis plant. It’s also why people are beginning to seek out CBD strains.

Unlike THC, which is the primary psychoactive chemical in cannabis, CBD by itself will not get you high. In fact, CBD counteracts some of the negative side effects of THC such as memory impairment, paranoia, and anxiety.

Strains high in CBD are great for people who want the medicinal benefits of cannabis, but who don’t want to get too high. As a result, the demand for CBD strains is rising. Here are some of the most potent CBD strains in the world.

Sativa CBD Strains

Consumers that prefer sativa strains for the euphoria and focus have a few choices that are high in CBD. Here are some of the best:

Charlotte’s Web

One of the first strains made with CBD in mind is Charlotte’s Web. The strain is actually a hemp-derived product which is why it has slim to no psychoactive effects.

It produces less than 0.3 percent THC. Even your grandpa was smoking stuff that would get you higher. That means you can use Charlotte’s Web without being impaired throughout your day.

The strain was named after a little girl named Charlotte who used CBD to treat Dravet’s Syndrome. Dravet’s is a severely debilitating form of epilepsy that causes up to hundreds of seizures per day.

There is currently no cure for Dravet’s Syndrome. Strains like Charlotte’s Web are the only thing many children suffering from seizures can turn to for help.


One of the most popular sativa CBD strains today is Harlequin. The strain consistently tests at 5:2 CBD/THC ratio.

Because it still has that little bit of THC, Harlequin will lift your mood and provide you with mental alertness to help with whatever activity you have planned.

Many medical marijuana patients like the way this strain combines medicinal properties with a gentle cerebral buzz.


This sativa packs a punch of CBD with an 18:1 CBD/THC ratio. The strain typically has one percent THC content so you can medicate your sleep or digestive disorders without getting baked.

The strain gets its name from Raphael Mechoulam, a researcher known for his work with cannabis. His group succeeded in the synthesis and isolation of cannabinoids like CBD.

Indica CBD Strains

For users that prefer to be more relaxed, there are several indica strains with large amounts of CBD that will still provide a little bit of a body high.

Critical Mass

If you’re not afraid of high levels of THC to go with your CBD you’ll like Critical Mass. The strain can reach up to 22 percent THC making it one of the most psychoactive strains on our list.

It’s indica characteristics come through by producing a strong body high that can put you to sleep for a long time.

One good thing about the high levels of both THC and CBD present in this strain is that it taps into the power of the “entourage effect.”

In general, this effect refers to the way that cannabinoids are typically more powerful when they interact with other cannabinoids. Therapeutically speaking, the entourage effect maximizes medical effects of cannabis. Critical Mass is a great example of how this works.

CBD Shark

If you want to get high but not too high CBD Shark has a perfect balance of THC and CBD. This strain has a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio and patients use it to treat pain, anxiety, inflammation, and more.

It won’t be as psychoactive as a strain high in THC because the CBD nullifies some of the negative side effects as we mentioned earlier.


The most potent indica CBD strain is called Remedy. Remedy is a CBD-rich strain that has little to no psychoactive effects. This is because the amount of THC found in Remedy tends to be less than one percent.

The CBD/THC ratio can reach up to 15:1. Remedy can be used to stop seizures, and to reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Hybrid CBD Strains

Hybrid strains have some of the highest CBD percentages on the market today.


As intense as the name sounds, Cannatonic isn’t a sedative strain. The strain can have an even CBD/THC ratio but the gap has gotten as high as 5:1. The versatility of this strain allows growers and users to decide whether they want this strain used medically or for fun.

You can use this strain to treat muscle spasms, migraines, and more. Cannatonic can be used to treat a wide variety of physiological and psychological symptoms.


Harle-Tsu is a mix of two strains known for being rich in CBD: Harlequin, described above, and Sour Tsunami, a strain designed specifically to have high CBD levels.

Typically, Harle-Tsu has a 20:1 CBD/THC ratio. However, the CBD levels of this strain have reached as high as 24 percent, setting the bar for the rest of the CBD strains market.

The buzz is anxiety free with a mild euphoria. Doctors recommend it to patients in need of sleep and relaxation.

Ringo’s Gift

Another strain with some of the highest CBD levels seen today is Ringo’s Gift. Named after the late Lawrence Ringo, cannabis activist and CBD pioneer, this strain has reached 24:1 CBD/THC ratios.

The strain’s hybrid effects include a cerebral buzz and full-body relaxation. You won’t be couch-locked so you can still handle activities that require focus.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to tackle your task with less stress because of the strains mood lifting ability.


Growers and breeders have had consistent success using hybrid strains to produce high levels of CBD. And ACDC is no exception, testing at 19 percent CBD.

The strain is used to deal with the negative effects of chemotherapy without getting the patient high. This is due to the fact that the THC levels are usually under one percent, generally maxing out at only 1.2 percent. The strain will have you feeling relaxed with an immediate sense of well-being.

Final Hit

Consuming weed doesn’t have to make you the zombie that old TV shows and movies may portray. With CBD strains you can alleviate many of your physiological and psychological symptoms.

The best part? You’ll almost never be too high. In fact, people use isolated CBD to avoid the side effects of THC altogether.

But keep in mind that, like other cannabinoids, CBD is most beneficial when it works together with THC and cannabinoids and other chemicals naturally produced by the cannabis plant.

For example, the terpenes that are responsible for aroma and flavor can also help prime cannabinoid receptors. This makes it easier THC and CBD to bind and create powerful effects in users.

In general, whole-plant CBD strains are better than CBD extracts for getting medical benefits, because they also have terpenes, THC, and a host of other cannabinoids.

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