Hindu Kush Strain Review And Information

Hindu Kush Strain


Hindu Kush is a classic pure Indica strain. It originated in the Hindu Kush Mountains, which run between India and Pakistan. It’s pure Indica genetics, and its distinctive high have made this strain a favorite for smokers and breeders alike. As a result, Hindu Kush has been used to create all sorts of hybrid strains such as another fan favorite, OG Kush.


Hindu Kush is right on par with the average THC content of other Indica strains. Most buds from this plant have around 14% THC, and the most potent flowers will reach as high as 20 percent. The average for all Indica strains is 12.5 percent.


Hindu Kush gives you just what you’d expect from an Indica. Quickly into your sesh, you’ll start feeling a pronounced body high. As you become relaxed, calm, lazy, and sleepy, you’ll also find your mood becoming increasingly positive. Hindu Kush will lift you to the next level of calm and comfortable relaxation.

Scent & Flavor

This strain produces buds that smell earthy and kind of like sandalwood. It also has a slightly sweet undertone. The smoke is smooth and carries subtle hints of the earthiness that defines its odor.


Negative Effects

As for negative side effects, expect the usual suspects of cotton mouth and dry eyes. Some users also feel paranoid and dizzy. And in large doses, Hindu Kush has been known to sometimes leave users feeling uncomfortably anxious.

Used For

Hindu Kush is best for evening and night time use. You’ll be pretty lazy and lethargic after smoking this one, so use it when you know you won’t have anything serious to do for at least a few hours afterward.

When it comes to medical uses, the body highs this strain produce make it the perfect for chronic aches and pains. It’s also used to treat insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, stress, anxiety, and to help people cope with migraines, headaches, and eating disorders.


As a pure Indica strain originating in the Hindu Kush Mountains, this strain’s family tree doesn’t extend back to other strains. But it has been used to create a bunch of other successful hybrids. Think of it as a father without a father.


Like most other Indica strains, Hindu Kush doesn’t get all that tall. It does best when grown indoors using the Sea of Green method. If you grow it that way, expect flowers in 48 to 70 days. This strain can also be grown outdoors with relative success. In that case, be ready to harvest sometime in October. When the plant starts sending out flowers, they should develop a nice thick coating of beautiful, crystal-like trichomes.

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