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Mango Kush Strain Review and Information

Mango Kush Strain Review and Information


Mango Kush Strain Review and Information

Mango Kush

Mango Kush is a very easygoing strain that is a cross between two classics: Mango and Hindu Kush. Its tropical flavors crossed with the earthiness of the Hindu make it a hugely popular strain.

Many cultivators strive to create strains that have similar mango flavors and aromas, as it has been widely agreed upon that tropical fruits and weed are just meant to go together.


Mango Kush Strain Review and Information

Mango Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that typically maxes out at about 16% THC. While not the highest level of potency, this strain does have an almost immediate kick. Usually, you’ll find this strain ringing in at around 10%.


Mango Kush Strain Review and Information

This strain produces a very relaxing high. The immediate high that Mango Kush gives you will leave you in a euphoric couch lock for about 1-2 hours. Ultimately it will cause drowsiness, but initially, it will give people the giggles and make them very talkative.

Because this strain makes people more talkative, it has become very common to treat social anxiety. Being comfortable in a social environment is very important not only for an easier time for younger users in school but also for jobs like sales, where your attitude and ability to speak clearly and confidently are essential to job performance.

Scent & Flavor

Mango Kush Strain Review and Information

This cross strain is very balanced, with the mango side producing strong hints of tropical fruit and even banana. While the Hindu Kush side gives a nice dank exhale, balancing the experience with an earthy, piney hash, the mango flavors throughout are overwhelmingly evident. The scents are also dominated by fresh mangos.

Negative Effects

Mango Kush Strain Review and Information

Common side effects include cotton mouth and itchy eyes, and can also include dizziness and anxiety. Compared to many other strains, the negative side effects are mild, and aside from the most common dry mouth and bloodshot eyes, any other negative effects are very limited. This makes it a particularly attractive strain for newer smokers or those sensitive to general smoking side effects.

Used For

Mango Kush Strain Review and Information

Mango Kush has many positive health properties, most often for chronic joint pain. Other common uses include insomnia relief as well as migraines and muscle inflammation. For users that typically experience issues with nausea, Mango Kush has been particularly useful for those with nausea, even helping to reduce vomiting.

Ironically, some users claim it can help with anxiety, which is also known to be one of the strain’s negative effects. Each user will find their own unique properties that Mango Kush has, these are just some of the most common.


Mango Kush Strain Review and Information

Mango Kush is a 65% Indica strain. It has a pretty foggy history, and one of the only things known for sure is that KC Brains created this when crossing Mango and Hindu Kush. KC Brains found their way quickly into the world of Cannabis genetics and are an undeniably heavy hitter not only in their native Holland but across Europe and the U.S.


Mango Kush Strain Review and Information

The yield for these buds usually take between 9 and 11 weeks, but the result is worth it. The plant grows 4-5 feet with a large yield and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growers. Typically an indoor grower can average 400 grams per meter squared. However, wherever you decide to grow, be sure that your plant is in a warm area with plenty of sunlight.

Much like the flavors and scents it emits, the plant itself has very noticeable orange pistils, and its also known to be a dense plant with very large buds.

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