Lemon OG Strain Review And Information

Lemon OG, sometimes called Lemon OG Kush or Presidential Kush, is a fan favorite amongst smokers who like buds with fruity and citrusy flavor profiles.

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Lemon OG

Lemon OG, sometimes called Lemon OG Kush or even Presidential Kush, is becoming a real fan favorite. Especially among pot smokers who like buds with fruity and citrusy flavor profiles.

But it doesn’t just do a good job of smelling and tasting good. It also delivers a killer high. A sesh with this one will give you a fast-acting, hard-hitting buzz.


Lemon OG is a 60/40 hybrid that leans slightly to the Indica side. Buds from this strain will generally be more potent than other Indicas.

The average THC content for Indica strains is 12.5%. But Lemon OG flowers have anywhere from 17% THC to 24% THC.


Lemon OG’s most noticeable trait is that it’s super fast-acting. After exhaling that first lemony lung-full of smoke, you’ll immediately start feeling an uplifting head high.

The sensations of euphoria and energizing creativity will be leveled out with a solid bodily undercurrent. The end result is a well-balanced buzz. You’ll definitely notice the psychoactive effects first. But you’ll also feel a pronounced body high, bordering on sluggishness without becoming overwhelming.

You’ll love the energizing boost of focus and creativity Lemon OG will give you.

Scent & Flavor

Lemon, lemon, lemon. This OG has built its reputation on its amazing lemony, citrusy flavor profile. As you break apart your nugs, you’ll immediately notice the fruity smell. It will also have notes of diesel and maybe even a touch of skunk.

Sparking up will only bring out the lemon even more. The smoke won’t be very thick, but it’ll be packed full of flavor. If you like citrusy tasting buds, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Negative Effects

The fast-acting high can be a bit offsetting for some users. So be ready for it. And if you’re new to the strain and don’t want to get too blasted, you might want to go slow at first. Beyond that, some users feel anxious and dizzy. And some people get headaches after smoking Lemon OG.

Used For

For recreational use, try this strain during the afternoon. You’ll love the energizing boost of focus and creativity it will give you. It’s also a perfect choice for social settings, as you’ll feel relaxed and buzzed without getting too stupid or too couch locked.

Lemon OG also has some effective medical uses. Try this strain for stress and pain management. It can also be helpful for depression, insomnia, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Lemon OG was created by DNA Genetics.


Lemon OG was first bred in 2004 by the folks at DNA Genetics. They created it by crossing Las Vegas Lemon Skunk with OG #18. Since then, later versions of this strain have been ramping up the lemony attributes.


Lemon OG does fairly well in both outdoor and indoor growing environments. Plants are short to medium in height. And you can expect them to start flowering around 70 days.

Lemon OG buds are usually light in color. They’re very often a lighter green than what you’re probably used to seeing. And some flowers come out looking almost yellow.

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