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Kosher Kush Strain Review And Information

Kosher Kush Strain Review And Information


Kosher Kush Strain Review And Information

Kosher Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid that tends to be a little more potent than the rest of the Indica family. Potency can climb as high as 20% THC.

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush has become popular in recent years. After winning a handful of big-time awards between 2010 and 2012, it started catching on at dispensaries around the country.

According to cannabis lore, this strain got its name when a rabbi gave it his official blessing. And who knows. Maybe that blessing is what gives this strain the powerful effects it’s become so famous for.


Kosher Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid. And it tends to be a little more potent than the rest of the Indica family.

Most Indica strains have around 12.5% THC. This one comes in with an average of 15% and can climb as high as 20% THC.


When it comes to effects, Kosher Kush is pretty straightforward. It’s pretty much what you would expect from an Indica dominant hybrid.

A few puffs into your sesh you’ll start feeling a pronounced body high start to set in. It’ll probably get pretty strong. And don’t be surprised if you end up feeling completely couch locked.

Eventually, you’ll start noticing an undercurrent clicking on in your brain. This slight cerebral high serves as a welcome complement to the deep body highs.

Scent & Flavor

Kosher Kush has a pretty strong scent and flavor profile. Expect earthy tones complemented by notes of pine. These rich smells carry over nicely into the taste of the smoke.

This one just feels like home—it’s got that pungent, earthy, plant-y smell we all love so much. From start to finish, expect a classic cannabis experience.

Negative Effects

Kosher Kush can sometimes give users some unpleasant experiences. Usually, negative side effects include paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety.

Kosher Kush Strain Review And Information

Used For

The heavy-hitting body highs produced by this strain make it good for night time use. Don’t use it if you’re trying to have an active day. It’s also not a great choice if you’re pre-gaming before going out for the night.

But if you’re looking for a relaxed night in alone or with friends, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. And if you’re trying to calm down and take the edge off before going to sleep, you should definitely give this one a shot.

Kosher Kush can also be good for a number of medical uses. The main ones are insomnia, anxiety, and stress. The body highs can also help you cope with chronic aches and pains.


The precise genetic makeup of Kosher Kush is a bit murky. But most people agree that it comes from an OG Kush line.

Kosher Kush was originally bred somewhere in sunny California. And DNA Genetics now sells a seed form of this strain.

Back in the day, before it hit the dispensary scene, this strain was commonly known as “Jew Gold.” Fortunately, this insensitive name was quickly changed to Kosher Kush once it went mainstream.


Kosher Kush is a pretty easy strain to grow. That makes it a good choice for a beginning grower.

It does best indoors. When grown this way, expect it to start flowering somewhere around the 9 to 10 week mark.

Plants are fairly tall. And flowers will be loosely clustered and pungent. The light green color will be offset by a beautiful layer of red hairs.

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