Northern Lights Strain Review And Information

Northern Lights strain is fairly easy to grow. And while it can be grown pretty much anywhere, it does especially well in indoor settings like a greenhouse.

Northern Lights


Since its quiet birth in the mid-1980s, Northern Lights has grown to become one of the most well known Indica strains anywhere in the world. And for good reason. Northern Lights gives users a fast-hitting body high accompanied by a blissful sense of euphoria. For a lot of cannabis users, this is the perfect combination.


Most Northern Lights buds will have anywhere from 16% THC to 26% THC. When compared to other Indica strains, which come in right at 12.5% THC, this one’s slightly more potent than average.


The effects of Northern Lights usually hit fast and hard. For a lot of smokers, this is a “two hit and quit” strain. Expect some powerful body highs that will probably leave you feeling lazy, sleepy, and maybe even couch locked. The powerful munchies this strain often induces might be the only thing capable of pulling you off the couch.

The heavy sedative effects of this strain are balanced out by a pleasant sense of euphoria. Combined, all these effects will leave you feeling happily lethargic. To put it simply, Northern Lights is all about deep relaxation.

Scent & Flavor

Northern Lights smells earthy, spicy, and sweet, like something along the lines of a skunk or kush strain. Most of those notes carry over into the taste of the smoke as well. Expect a pleasantly tasty smoke that strikes a nice balance between its earthy tones and the slightly spicy tones.

Negative Effects

In heavy doses, people can feel dizzy, anxious, and paranoid. Some users also get headaches after using this strain.

Used For

Because of its powerful body highs, Northern Lights is best for evening and night time use. Trust us, you won’t be performing any serious work or tasks after puffing on some Northern Lights. But it is perfect for times when you’re looking for some deep relaxation or when you need to seriously unwind.

For medical uses, try Northern Lights for insomnia, stress, and anxiety. This strain gives a lot of users some pretty heavy munchies, which makes it a good candidate for eating disorders or for increasing your appetite.


As far as we know, Northern Lights was first created when breeders in Holland crossed genetics from Afghani and Thai landrace strains. Beyond that, nobody really knows any details about which specific strains were used.

But what we do know is that Northern Lights has gone on to become the proud parent of some pretty impressive hybrids. Among its happy children are Sour Diesel, Super Silver Haze, and many others.


This is a good choice for growers of all experience levels. You can expect flowers to appear around 45-50 days. And when they do show up, they should be super resinous. They may even carry hints of purple.

This strain is fairly easy to grow. And while it can be grown pretty much anywhere, it does especially well in indoor settings like a greenhouse.

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