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Cash Crop Strain Information

Cash Crop Strain Information


Cash Crop Strain Information

Cash Crop

Picture humongous, oversized buds. They’re not wispy or fluffy, but ultra-dense. In fact, those gigantic, weighty blooms, hard as teeth it seems, will need plenty of support in the weeks before harvesting time. This is a Cash Crop.

Now, notice how these boulders of bud are each such a deep, radiant green that they look like emeralds. Walking up to a plant would be like stumbling upon a dragon’s lair of gems, covered in gold dust. Each emerald-green gem is layered in vibrant, golden strands of pistils.

Are you salivating yet?

Growers know that Cash Crop that’s the gorgeous strain you’ve been picturing this whole time–looks like a million bucks and has all those attractive features that cannabis consumers want.

But Cash Crop looks aren’t the only thing going for her.

In fact, she’s basically an automatic money-maker. Cash Crop, true to its name, produces such oversized yields that the minimal effort required to cultivate the strain gives it an incredible return on investment.

Easy to manage, productive, and attractive? Maybe money does grow on trees!

But how does Cash Crop smoke? Amazingly, of course. That’s due to the heavyweights in its genetics.

On one side, a male Northern Lights, which is a heavy, heady, and resinous pure indica. On the other, a high-yielding strain of Big Bud, another deep and earthy indica.

The result? Cash Crop, an indica, offers a typical THC content around 22%. That’s stratospherically strong.

So after just 70 days from seed to flower, get ready for a super-strong indica buzz: an intense but calming cerebral stone with powerful body relaxation.

Cash Crop Strain Information

The strain really emphasizes its earthy and sweet tones, with a subtle skunk aftertaste that lingers on the palette.

And the strain is really fantastic for first-time home growers or folks with auto-grow setups. Cash Crop is the best idea if you’re looking for maximum results with minimal effort.

The beautiful plant is truly beginner-friendly, pumping out gorgeous, powerful buds with few problems.

Cash Crop is essentially bulletproof, a fool-proof investment for first-time growers looking to get their hands sticky, and a popular choice for experienced cultivators looking to increase their profit margins.

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