Adidas New Hemp Shoe Is Designed To Hide Your Weed Stash

Adidas New Hemp Shoe

Adidas has just announced the release of a brand new shoe made out of hemp that’s designed to hide your marijuana stash. The shoe will be available just in time for 4/20.

The shoe company teamed up with clothes retailer BAIT to create the new hemp shoes. They’re calling the shoes the Stan Smith Vulc “Happy,” and as the name starts to hint, they’re marketing the sneaker as a special 4/20 release.

To get into the mood for this high and holy cannabis holiday, the main body of the “Happy” is made out of hemp. It’s covered in a funky looking design that makes it look like the shoe’s been sprinkled with hundreds of beautiful little nugs.

But that’s just the beginning. Adidas has literally buried this shoe in all sorts pot-themed jokes, references, and messages.

The label on the front of the tongue says: “Adidas skateboarding. High-Potency, Superior Quality. Dosage: 420 MG, Take At Least Once A Day.”

This theme continues across the top of the tag where it says in all capital red letters: “PRESCRIBED.”

The heel of the shoe has another nod to medical marijuana with a tag that says: “Dosage: 420MG Take At Least Once A Day.”

And if all that wasn’t enough, the inside of the shoe has one final cannabis reminder for good measure: “May Cause Relaxation.”

But probably the coolest feature of the new 4/20 sneaker is the hidden compartment on the inside of the tongue. It’s the perfect size for your little on-the-go stash. Consider this the ultimate piece of ganja footwear.

With the Stan Smith Vulc Happy, Adidas has completely redefined “high” fashion.

Adidas left no room for confusion when it comes to what this shoe’s all about.

The only potential drawback to the “Happy 420” is that it’s going to be pretty tough to actually get a pair of these in your hands and on your feet. That’s because anybody interested in buying a pair has to enter a raffle.

If you’re name gets drawn, you’ll have a shot to nab a pair. But priced at $120 that still might be a bit on the “high” side. Winners of the drawing will be contacted starting this Friday, and BAIT said that everybody who buys a pair will get them by Monday, just a couple days before 4/20.

(Photo Credit: Sole Collector)

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